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7th May 2009


JING Tea at Bray Cottages

Around six months ago we were invited to be a part of Coutts Bank's annual summer party which was themed as a village fete. The most luxurious village fete that I had ever heard of! They invited their suppliers of fine tea, champagne, chocolate, parma ham, cheese and wine to create stands and allow their customers to taste some of the best food available in the UK. It was an amazing event which led us to meet the owners of a very unique business. Bray Cottages sit in the heart of Bray, the village renowned as a culinary capital in Europe; home to the Fat Duck, Waterside Inn, Caldesi in Campagna and the Hinds Head. It seems impossible to walk around the picturesque streets of this Hertfordshire village without tripping over Michelin stars and Bray Cottages offer guests of these world class resaurants a place to rest their weary heads.

The owner of the cottages visited us for a tea tasting at our tea bar in order to choose a range of teas for guests to enjoy. The care that was invested into the choice of teas was very impressive and made me want to find out more about the cottages themselves. They range from 180 to 450 years old and are rented to guests on a nightly basis, specifically designed for diners at the local restaurants to stagger back to after devouring a 13 course extravaganza. They have fantastic names such as Tiggers, Clematis and Christmas and the food and drink that are provided have to match the gastronomic experience that is found in Bray itself. We are proud to be served at the cottages. I will certainly be trying to think of an excuse to get to Bray one day to eat, drink and sleep in foodie heaven - Its only 40 weeks, 2 days, 17 hours 38 minutes and 32 seconds until Valentines day, so I have plenty of time to make suggestive hints! To find out more about the cottages, you can visit their website: