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12th July 2017


JING Tea Cocktails | East London Liquor Company

Tea isn't just for drinking hot (or cold infused) but contributes itself as an ingredient to other delicious things: as a tea pairing, in pastry and gastronomy, and in tea cocktails. Often though, the tea in tea cocktails gets lost in the midst of different flavours, and so we're always careful to maintain the integrity of the fantastic character of our teas by only working with simple or complementary ingredients.


We've collaborated with East London Liquor Company to bring you three recipes for tea cocktails that we think taste great in their own right, and with the personality of the teas shining through.

Tea Cocktail Recipes

Jazz Hands


  • 25ml JING Jasmine Silver Needle infused* East London Liquor Company London Dry Gin
  • 10ml Creme de Apricot
  • 15ml Vanilla Sugar topped with very dry Proseccco
  • Stirred down over ice, pour into a flute and top with very dry Prosecco
  • A lavender or cornflower would work for garnish

*Jasmine white tea infusion per 500ml approx. 6g - infuse for an hour

Tea Cocktails Red Dragon

Rummy Mummy


  • 40ml JING Red Dragon infused* East London Liquor Company Navy Strength Rum
  • 2.5ml Maple syrup
  • 3 Dashes Miracle Mile Bitters - sour cherry
  • Stirred down over ice, strained and served neat into cocktail glass
JING Tea Cocktail



  • 25ml JING Earl Grey infused* East London Liquor Company Batch No1 Gin
  • 20ml Lemon juice
  • 15ml Vanilla sugar
  • Topped with dry prosecco
  • Stirred down and added to a flute or coupe, topped with dry prosecco, lemon zest spiral as garnish.

*Earl Grey infusion per 500ml approx. 6g - infuse for an hour, until the gin takes colour

jasmine silver needle infusion

Jasmine Silver Needle

This delicate but sweet tea is often used in tea cocktails for the structure it gives, and its pleasant floral notes. Scented with fresh jasmine, it complements citrus and summer fruit flavours, like strawberries. Serve hot, cold, or in a tea cocktail.

Red Dragon

This uniquely rich and fruity black tea has syrupy black cherry and earthy undertones that taste fantastic next to a rum with demerara notes. A great addition to any tea cocktail. It works well as a cold infusion, too.

Loose Leaf Assam Black Breakfast Tea

Earl Grey

This zesty bergamot black tea brings so much character to a tea cocktail, and has a comforting, familiar taste. One of the most used teas for tea cocktails, it also works phenomenally well in pastry and chocolate, too.