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15th March 2019

By Olivia Cox

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Give the Gift of Time This Mother's Day 

Giving a tea gift is like giving the gift of time - providing moments of togetherness, giving a reason for treasured time to ourselves, or simply offering an exciting new taste experience.

To help you create a truly memorable experience for someone you love this Mother's Day, we have handpicked a selection of our exquisite single-origin teas and unique, hand-crafted teaware that we know she is going to love.

For a Beautifully Fragrant Taste Experience

Whole Rosebuds


This beautiful, naturally caffeine free tea contains real pieces of raspberry, whole elegant rosebuds, rosehip and bright osmanthus, paired together to produce a delicate balance of tart fruit and soft, sweet flowers.

Jasmine Pearls Tea Caddy


A true labour of love and consistently a best-selling tea, our Jasmine Pearls are  scented naturally with only the freshest jasmine flowers.

Spring-picked in Fujian, this is a beautifully creamy and enticing green tea that unfurls majestically in hot water.

Earl Grey Loose Tea

Earl Grey


A long standing favourite amongst JING customers, our unique loose leaf Earl Grey combines a rich Ceylon tea base scented with real, zesty bergamot.

This can be enjoyed with or without milk – its addition complements rather than overwhelms.

For the Teaware Explorers

2 Cup Tea-iere

Momentarily lose yourself in the process of loose leaf tea making with our beautifully simple tea-iere.

Neat and durable, it is the perfect tea gift to celebrate and share exceptional tea.

Herbal Tea Explorer Set

A sumptuous insight into how full of flavour herbal teas can be, our Herbal Tea Explorer Set ranges from invigorating Whole Leaf Peppermint tea to our fruity, refreshing Blackcurrant & Hibiscus tea.

The set also comes with a one cup tea-iere so you can effortlessly make and enjoy these uplifting teas.

Glass Cup & Saucer

Enjoy the vivid colour of your infusions with our crystal clear Cup & Saucer.

Hand-made from borosilicate glass, it is designed solely to help you make and enjoy tea as it is meant to be.