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27th May 2009


Our Jasmine Pearls Green Tea Base

We've just received the base green tea for our Jasmine Pearls for approval.  This is the finished green tea base that Edward saw being produced in China last month.  It has not yet been scented with fresh jasmine flowers but it is still a lovely green tea with a great balance of body and sweetness. We choose the best green tea for our Jasmine teas in spring by visiting the producers rather than waiting until summer to secure the base tea. In the above photo, the left hand tasting cup shows the leaves after infusion and the right hand cup shows the dry hand rolled pearls.  It's easy to see that the pearls are made of thick, juicy buds for the best smoothness and sweetness.

When Edward returns to China in July we'll have more blogs and photos on the production of this tea, including the scenting with fresh jasmine flowers.