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3rd July 2020


Our July Food Heroes

Welcome to our monthly roundup of the best things we’ve been listening to, reading and watching. For July, Felicity, Will and Olivia share the new videos, books and podcasts that are sating their appetites for food, travel and culture.

Michael Pollan – Caffeine

LISTEN: Caffeine by Michael Pollan

“Books by Michael Pollan have helped change attitudes to anything from industrial agribusiness to psychedelic drugs. When I heard he was looking at caffeine next, I was excited – and just a little bit nervous. This audiobook is focused mainly on coffee – I was willing him to talk about tea and L-theanine – but there is an unflattering comparison with tea that I enjoyed debunking as I listened: there are definitely lots of boisterous and indulgent teas out there. However, after three months off caffeine completely, Pollan doesn’t think you need to quit it, I’m happy to report. Just mind the sleep, though.” — Felicity

Find out more here.

WATCH: Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats

“It’s easy to see why Rachel Ama has racked up almost half a million subscribers to her YouTube channel in only two years. Her straightforward cooking videos showcase a fun approach to vegan cooking, as she redefines a diet that can seem dull and unsatisfying into something easy, vibrant and delicious. With a Jamaican influence, her Ital curry recipe is the perfect demonstration of how simple, healthy and tasty can all go together. Try it for yourself – and don’t skimp on the chillies.” — Will

Watch it here.

Rachel Ama
Patrick Holden - Sustainable Food Trust

LISTEN: Sustainable Food Trust Podcast with Patrick Holden

“It was the UN’sSustainable Gastronomy Day last month. If that piqued your interest, this podcast is excellent on the importance of how and where our food is grown. Host Patrick Holden is an organic agriculturalist who invites a range of guests – from policy makers and business leaders to food producers and campaigners – to discuss the future of farming systems around the world. Recorded during lockdown, the episode with Caroline Lucas MP feels especially relevant right now.” — Olivia

Listen here.

READ: The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See

“This powerful novel tells the story of a separated family and the culture that connects them. Bestselling author Lisa See paints an unforgettable portrait of China’s Yunnan province and its Akha people – one of the region’s many ethnic minorities known for their tea-making craft. To build her story See spent months interviewing hundreds of real-life mothers and daughters who were separated at birth. Her commitment to authenticity brings to life the tea culture that the Akha community rely on for survival in a region that’s undergoing big changes as large corporations buy up its land. A moving read and one for any tea lover.” — Will

Find out more here.

Lisa See

Stay tuned for more of our team’s favourites next month…