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9th February 2012


Pu erh In The Field

In this blog we want to show you our pictures, taken by our staff, from across the world. This week's subject is Pu erh Tea. Pu erh is a unique tea only made in the south of Yunnan Province in China. It is a fermented tea, so the longer left, the better it tastes.

Pu erh Tea Leaf

Puerh Leaf

The leaf at the base of all Pu erh teas: a wild tea plant harvested by farmers in subtropical forests of South Yunnan China. The plant's characteristics determine the  specific processes involved in making pu erh tea and the distinctive taste of pu erh tea.

Picking Pu erh Tea

Puerh Picking

Harvesting Pu erh is not on your conventional tea plantations. Here harvesters venture into the wilderness of Xishuangbana to gather the pu erh tea leaves.

Withering Pu erh Tea

Puerh Withering

The Pu erh Leaves after being picked are withered. Because of the hot climate in South Yunnan, this is process has always been done by harnessing the power of sweltering hot sun.

The Final Pu erh


The final product. Pu erh comes in a many shapes and sizes. This is a loose variety but you can buy it in large, circular, compressed cakes (called bing) or small, individual portions (called tuo). Pu erh teas have a delicious silky texture often with rich notes of chocolate, peach or nuts and a deep earthy aroma.