Pu erh Tea prices are going through the roof - it is increasing at a rate of over 100% per year! Last week all the Pu erh teas we currently stock have gone up in price by 30% in a single leap.


Our carefully selected Pu erh teas have been extremely popular - especially the 1990 Wild Tuo Cha 250g bowl and the 2003 Wild Yi Wu Wild Raw 500g cake. We only have a few of the 1984 Pu erh Coins left in stock with none available in China. We will sadly have to increase our pricing to account for the huge leap in our costs (for which we apologise), however, rest assured that you are being offered the tea at a lower retail price than it is in China!

The demand for high quality Pu erh in China is so high that prices are going though the roof.

High quality old Pu erh teas sell in one Shanghai tea house for as much as 200,000-400,000 RMB (25,000 to 50,000 USD). If that's too expensive for customers, they can taste these teas for 20,000 RMB (2,500 USD). If they choose to brew something younger and less expensive, the minimum cover charge of 1000 RMB (125 USD)!

Economic boom in China means that there are more people with a large disposable income and are therefore able to buy fine, rare Pu erh which is rapidly becoming a fashionable trend and a means of demonstrating status. This means that pu erh prices are rising and will continue to do so for some time (or that the quality you get for the same price will be lower than in the past).

This also explains why so many merchants are keeping pu erh for long term storage. However, Yunnan is one of the poorest regions in China and I believe that increasing prices will mean that more pu erh plantations will be established to fill the increased demand. That means that plantation pu erh shouldn't increase as much as wild pu erh.

This price increases mean that we also have to increase our prices. Otherwise we would be selling the tea same price we are buying it - at the moment our prices are much lower than the retail prices in China!