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15th June 2021

By David White

Spiced Bircher Muesli | Organic Yunnan Breakfast Tea Pairing

In Collaboration With Rooted Spices

Organic Yunnan Breakfast Tea

Rooted Spices

Spiced Bircher Museli | Organic Yunnan Breakfast Tea Pairing

The place tea is grown determines so much about it – how it looks, how it feels to drink, and perhaps most crucially its flavours and aromas and how it tastes. The same goes for spices – the climate, soil quality and growing conditions are all critical to getting the best flavour from every root, seed, bark and leaf.

In the same way we get to know good wines, coffee and chocolate through their origin, knowing where the leaves in your cup and the spices in your cupboard once called home can open up a whole new world of flavour for you to explore.

Traceable to the precise place where they were made within a single origin, our single garden teas are a celebration of the flavours of some of the planet’s most spectacular places and skilled tea makers. The same goes for Rooted Spices. Their spices are selected from regions within a single origin that have growing conditions best suited to each specific spice, made by farmers who know how to get the best out of a harvest.  We love how their spices can transform a dish, no matter how simple.

Together, we’ve created the ultimate sweet breakfast recipe for you to kickstart your morning with.

Blueberry Bircher Muesli Recipe

Featuring: Rooted Spices’ Golden Blend
Paired with:Organic Yunnan Breakfast Tea
Serves 2

Most of this bircher recipe is prepared in advance, so there’s minimum fuss in the morning. It’s a sustaining and nourishing way to start the day – particularly when paired with our Organic Yunnan Breakfast Tea. This is a tea which has all the warming, enlivening comfort of a breakfast tea, but thanks to its single garden and organic credentials, you’ll also find distinctive notes of honeyed malt, ripe plum and a standout milk chocolate finish. These flavours perfectly complement the sweet spiciness and honeyed oat base of the bircher.

Rooted Spices’ Golden Blend is a mix of Indian turmeric and Sri Lankan cinnamon with a dash of finely-ground black pepper. The natural sweetness of the cinnamon beautifully balances the floral-bitter notes of their single-origin turmeric, making it a great blend for flavouring oats, pancake batters or muffin mixes.


• 100g oats
• 150ml milk
• ½ tsp Rooted Spices Golden Blend
• 1tbsp runny honey
• 2 x apples, peeled, cored and grated
• ¼ lemon, juiced
• 100g blueberries
• Optional garnish: 1tbsp flax seeds


• Tip the oats, milk and Golden Blend into a sealable pot (a tupperware or empty ice cream tub is great). Mix well and put it in the fridge and leave the oats to soak overnight.
• The next morning give the bircher base a stir. If the oat mixture needs loosening, then add an extra splash of milk.
• Stir in the honey, grated apple, lemon and generous handful of blueberries.
• Top with the flax seeds and enjoy with a cup of Organic Yunnan Breakfast. Here’s our go-to recipe to make the tea:

Use 5g or 1tbsp of tea per 250ml; use freshly boiled water (100˚C); Infuse for 5 mins – pour out all the liquid once infused. Add a splash of milk to enhance the tea’s milk chocolate finish.

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    Black TeaOrganic Yunnan BreakfastMalty, Plum, GingerFrom Da Hei Garden, Yunnan, China

Organic Yunnan Breakfast

It's rare to find a breakfast style tea from an organic single garden, but tea maker Yang Jian produces something very special high up in Yunnan's lush, subtropical mountains. It perfectly combines the comfort and satisfaction of a rich black tea, with distinctive notes of honeyed malt, ripe berries, sweet spice and a standout milk chocolate finish.

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