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15th June 2021

By David White

Spicy Avocado Toast With A Crispy Fried Egg | Wuyi Oolong Tea Pairing

In Collaboration With Rooted Spices

Wuyi Oolong

Spicy Avocado Toast With A Crispy Fried Egg | Wuyi Oolong Tea Pairing

Rooted Spices’ Black Urfa Chilli

The place tea is grown determines so much about it – how it looks, how it feels to drink, and perhaps most crucially its flavours and aromas and how it tastes. The same goes for spices – the climate, soil quality and growing conditions are all critical to getting the best flavour from each root, seed, bark and leaf.

In the same way we get to know good wines, coffee and chocolate through their origin, knowing where the leaves in your cup and the spices in your cupboard once called home can open up a whole new world of flavour for you to explore.

Traceable to the precise place where they were made within a single origin, our single garden teas are a celebration of the flavours of some of the planet’s most spectacular places and skilled tea makers. The same goes for Rooted Spices. Their spices are selected from regions within a single origin that have growing conditions best suited to each specific spice, made by farmers who know how to get the best out of a harvest.  We love how their spices can transform a dish, no matter how simple.

Together, we’ve created the ultimate savoury recipe that’s guaranteed to up your brunch game.

Avocado Toast with a Crispy Fried Egg + Urfa Pul Biber Recipe


Featuring: Rooted Spices’ Black Urfa Chilli
Paired with:Wuyi Oolong
Serves 2

This complex and invigorating oolong tea has mineral-rich flavours, hints of sweet dark fruit and prominent roasted notes. When we were tasting this tea together, Rooted Spices Founder, Rachel, knew immediately she wanted to try it alongside Black Urfa Chilli. With complex raisin, cocoa and tobacco-like notes, this Turkish chilli pepper is highly aromatic and packed full of fragrant notes which perfectly complement Wuyi Oolong. Together, they make for an energising start to the day.


• 1 large, ripe avocado
• ½ lime, juiced
• ½ tsp salt
• Handful of fresh coriander, sliced
• 2 tbsp oil
• 2 eggs
• 2 slices sourdough
• ½ tbsp Rooted Spices Black Urfa Chilli


• Use a fork to mask the avocado to a spreadable consistency, then stir in the lime, salt and sliced coriander.
• Heat the oil in a frying pan until smoking hot and then crack the eggs into the pan. Cook for 2-4 minutes (dependent on how hot your hob can get) – until the edges of the egg are turning crispy but there’s still a runny yolk.
• Meanwhile toast the sourdough, divide the avocado between them both and then top with the egg. Garnish with a generous sprinkle of black urfa chilli and enjoy with a freshly brewed cup of Wuyi Oolong Tea. Here’s our go-to recipe to make the tea:

Use 4g or 3tsp of tea per 250ml; use freshly boiled water (100˚C); Infuse for 3 mins – pour out all the liquid once infused. You can re-infuse this tea twice.

  1. JING Tea Wuyi Oolong Loose Leaf Oolong Tea
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    Oolong TeaWuyi OolongCacao, Stone Fruit, RoseFrom Huangcun Garden, Fujian, China

Wuyi Oolong

A rich and buttery oolong tea, lifted by caramel sweetness and subtle floral notes. This tea is skilfully crafted by masters who roast the leaves to create sumptuous autumnal flavours.

"Fabulously fragrant, almost sweetly nutty oolong from one of the “‘grand crus’” of the Chinese tea world. Knockout."
As featured in The Guardian by Fiona Beckett.

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