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9th May 2017


Spotlight On: Our Japanese Supreme Matcha Tea

Heralded as the ‘healthiest’ of teas, Matcha Tea certainly has health benefits – packed with antioxidants and a pleasant, assertive caffeine-kick - but doesn’t have to come with the bitter taste that many associate with it. It’s all in the quality of the base leaves: Japanese tencha and the method with which it is produced.

We’ll go into more on that shortly, but let’s start with four reasons why Matcha is such a great tea if you’re low on time.

It’s a labour of love.

When made traditionally, it can take up to an hour to roll and grind just 40-grams of this tea. That’s some serious (but rewarding) work.

Matcha health benefits. 

Matcha can have up to 10x as many antioxidants as a normal cup of tea and is rich in chlorophyll, which helps to detoxify the body.

The heart of Japanese tea culture.

Despite China being the true home of tea, the Japanese have refined their tea ceremony over centuries, with Matcha as an integral part of the ritual.

False fact: Matcha is bitter.

Apart from some pleasant astringency, the best Matcha are creamy and grassy, with a lingering sweetness. True fact.

Famous for creating a tea culture that is all their own, the Japanese boast an impressive cultivation of green teas that are an important part of their everyday lives and rituals. Along with Senchaand Gyokuro(to name some of the most popular) Matcha is a prized and well-loved tea for its uplifting and invigorating properties. It is regarded for its health benefits, unrivalled by other teas because of the unique way in which the whole leaf is ingested through the fine powder it is ground into.

Matcha Tea Garden


Sourced from the most traditional area of Japan for Matcha tea, Kagoshima in Kyushu is overlooked by Sakurajima. An active volcano, it periodically spews ash, covering the land and making this area extremely fertile and ideal for producing high quality tea. The Tencha tea leaves that form the base of our Matcha are of Yabukita cultivar and grown in agriculturally organic gardens. The climate has plenty of sunshine, rains and cooling breezes, cultivating excellent early spring crops, when the Tencha is picked. Picking only occurs after the tea trees have been shaded from mid-April until the harvest. This boosts the sweetness and flavour of the tea that results from encouraging more chlorophyll into the leaves.

These leaves are then finely ground using traditional stone mills that render an unrivalled smooth textured, fine, and vibrant green powder, unlike many other Matcha teas that can be dull or ‘clump’.

How else to enjoy our Matcha Green Tea

Tea and Food Pairing

A seasonal spring pairing

Matcha with Asparagus Tempura

A vegan and gluten-free recipe, this pairing can be enjoyed by anyone as a starter or a light lunch.

Matcha Tea Granita

Some like it cold

Cucumber, Apple & Matcha Granita

A unique recipe from our friend, Carole Poirot, for a cooling summer treat that’s bound to impress.

Tea and Food Pairing

From Chef Paul Greening

Bergamot Panna Cotta Forest Floor

Chef Paul of Aqua Kyoto has created us our own dessert pairing with our Matcha tea. Make it yourself.

What our customers are saying

Matcha Tea Reviews


Jo Hill

'I've tried a few different Matcha teas and this is by far and away the best one I've tasted. It is a smooth drink with no hint of bitterness like others I have experienced. I simply love it.'

Matcha Green Tea Review

'Beautiful Green Tea'

Deborah Eiffe

'I order this tea on a regular basis from Ireland and I can honestly say that it is my favourite tea of all time! It has a beautiful smooth texture and it has a lovely cleansing effect on your palate.'

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