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10th March 2020


Spotlight On: Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea

Our Popular Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea

If you’re new to white tea, this is a wonderful place to start. For those in the know, our Jasmine Silver Needle is a must for your collection. Want to know why?

It’s delicate.

A soothing infusion, this tea is ideal for moments of calm focus, and comes packed with anti-oxidants and great benefits for the mind and the body.

It’s spring-picked. 

Skilled workers in Yunnan, China, pick the youngest, sweetest spring buds for soft flavours, then seal the tea in airtight packaging at origin.

Natural flavour 

A single garden white tea from Yunnan, China, fragranced naturally with fresh jasmine flowers. Read below for the full story.

We’re specific on how to make it.

4 grams per 250ml cup, 80-degrees and 3-minutes yields a perfectly balanced infusion, great for any time of the day.

Did you know that white tea is the least processed of the tea types? Our Jasmine Silver Needle Tea is picked in the Chinese province of Yunnan. Simply but skilfully plucked when the leaves are the sweetest buds in early Spring, the leaves are then laid to wither before being gently dried.

The result? A soft-textured, thirst-quenching tea, ideal for any time of the day. The subtle taste of fresh Jasmine flowers shines through the mellow notes of this tea and comes with the most fantastic fragrancing story.

Fresh Picked Jasmine Flowers in the Palm of a Hand

Our Jasmine Silver Needle Tea is Traditionally Scented

After the silver needle tea is picked and laid to dry in April in Yunnan, China, it is transported to nearby Guangxi region just in time for the jasmine flower season in the summer. It's an amazing sight when sourcing the flowers at bustling markets, with stalls piled high with jasmine.

Here, the tea is laid out upon beds of the freshest jasmine flowers to naturally pick up the fragrance and oils of this beautiful plant. In the morning, the tea is sifted away from the jasmine, before being laid again the next night with a new bed of flowers, as jasmine only lasts for a day. This process takes five nights but imparts a wonderfully gentle but pertinent fragrance, yielding an incredible flavour and aroma experience.

This tea is a real labour of love, and you can tell from the taste.

The cultivar of this tea is known as 'Yun Kang' and it is oxidised at a level of around 10%. It is a common myth that white tea is not oxidised. In fact, it is very lightly oxidised because at the point where the tea is plucked and broken from the bush, some oxidisation occurs. To learn more about cultivar and oxidisation, visit our different tea types page.

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What the bloggers are saying

Pouring Hot Water into a JING Infuser Mug on a Table

'Real quality tea.'

Emma Harris, A Quiet Style blog

'I have become rather partial to JING’s Jasmine Silver Needle tea, with its subtle fresh and floral aroma.  I am making the most of the time it takes to infuse in it’s lovely glass mug to just sit and be.'

tea and food pairing

'A beautiful silver needle'

Kate Young, The Little Library Cafe blog

'I rarely drink green or white tea, but my tasting with Jing may have changed that. Their beautiful Silver Needle (pictured above with the sesame balls) is a gorgeous refreshing tea to drink with food.'

How to make white tea

'The taste is gentle and floral'

Kayte Ferris, Simple and Season blog

'Preparing this tea is mesmerising. Watching the sands dribble through the timer while the tea gently stains the water like watercolour paint, building a kind of ritualistic tension. Making it properly, with time and attention, definitely adds to the overall experience.'

Jasmine Silver Needle Tea Bag

Whole Leaf Teabag.

Jasmine Silver Needle Loose Tea

Loose Leaf Tea.

Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea Caddy

Loose Leaf Tea Caddy.