A King amongst Oolong Tea

If you're not familiar with Oolong teas, the best way to describe their breadth of flavour and character is to say that they are the bridge between green and black tea, ranging from light and floral, to intensely rich and roasted amber-coloured infusions. If you're looking to try Iron Buddha Oolong Tea in particular, what are its most alluring characteristics then?

It’s hand-rolled...

And fired by experts in Anxi County, unfurling fully into its infusion.

It’s lightly oxidised...

In comparison to medium roasted traditional Iron Buddha.

It smells beautiful...

Floral, peach, apricot, creamy vanilla, with a distinct tanginess.

It's China's Top Ten

Yes, there's a list. And Iron Buddha frequently features.

Our Iron Buddha Oolong Tea is sourced in the spring and autumn from Anxi County, Fujian, in China, neighbouring with Wuyi and its iconic mountains. Both areas are famously associated with the production of Oolong teas and are the true home of this tea type. The climate is rich, fertile and diverse owing to its almost coastal position.

Tie Guan Tin - Iron Buddha Oolong

Origin - Iron Buddha Oolong Tea

Iron Buddha Oolong  (not to be confused with Traditional Iron Buddha Oolong) has evolved over centuries from this traditional, darkly roasted tea to one that is light, intensely floral and slightly tart. Rooted in history, Iron Buddha is known in China as 'Tieguanyin', named after the Iron Goddess of Mercy: Guanyin, who can be seen throughout temples manifested in beautiful, watchful statues. There are varying stories around how the tea came to be named after Guanyin, but most describe the tea as a gift she bestowed upon them.

Both Iron Buddha and Traditional Iron Buddha are widely enjoyed but reveal just how different the results of processing can be for the same cultivar. This scale of flavour is determined by the oxidisation and the firing of the leaf. Iron Buddha Oolong is oxidised at 20% and lightly fired in comparison to Traditional Iron Buddha oxidised at 40% and with a medium level of firing.

Confused about oolong and oxidisation? Our About Oolong Tea Guide ought to help with that and everything else in between.

How else to enjoy our Iron Buddha Oolong

Iron Buddha Oolong Tea Pairing

Wild Mushroom Fudge

A pairing

Well yes, this does sound unusual but we were inspired by award-winning restaurant Vanilla Black to pair this with our Iron Buddha Oolong. We didn't regret it. Try it yourselves.

Traditional Tea Ceremony

Make Oolong Traditionally

With our Gong Fu Ceremony Set

 In China, tea is enjoyed over long and careful ceremonies for hours at a time. Infusions are short, quick, and multiple, each revealing subtle differences in flavour; truly celebrating the leaf.

Oolong Taster Kit

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Experience tasters of delicious and complex examples of Asia's finest oolong teas and decide which are your favourite with our Oolong Tea Explorer.