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15th February 2017


Spotlight On: Organic Jade Sword ™ Green Tea

Our bestselling green tea

There are many green teas out there for you to choose from, though, so what else is great about our Jade Sword, and why might you enjoy ours above others?

It’s organic.


So many of us are looking to food and drink that will benefit our health in the long-term and drinking tea is an age-old tradition that’s good not only for the body, but also for the mind.

It’s the freshest you can get.

Picked in the Spring, our gardens are advised to keep our green teas in ‘cold store’ until they are packaged, and we’ve carefully designed zip-locked bags that are not once, but double-sealed for total freshness.

We focus on the flavour of the tea.

We do not blend from multiple origins, where the integrity of the origin is lost. A tea should taste of its place and its people – the local terroir, passion and production methods refined over millennia.

We’re specific on how to make it.

Made with 80-degree water and infused for three-minutes results in a sweet, uplifting infusion. Any hotter, or longer, and it will taste bitter.

Organic Green Tea 

Jade Sword ™ is one of China’s most widely enjoyed and praised green teas. It’s everything we love: bursting with sweet, Spring flavour, and so simple to make. It’s no wonder that it’s one of our bestsellers. A tea that’s ideal for newcomers to green tea, it often surprises those who have only experienced ‘bitter’ tasting supermarket green teabags. Our bright green infusion and fresh flavour is a first step in the revolution of regard towards green tea: once you’ve tasted green tea as it’s meant to be, you’ll never go back.

Typically found in south-central China, Hunan, this lush province is embraced by mountains that run into a central basin, feeding into the tributaries of four major rivers. The land is rich and fertile. Picked in the Spring – its cultivar ‘Qunti Zhong’ – the young tea leaves are nimbly picked and withered briefly before undergoing ‘sha qing’, which is a heating process that deactivates enzymes to prevent the leaf from oxidizing. Jade Sword ™ has a level of 0% oxidization and is why it tastes almost as if it is totally fresh from the garden. Want to know more about cultivar how oxidization changes taste? Our tea types guide can help.

View of Hunan Silver Peak Tea Fields and Factory


Jade Sword ™ is, however, one of our most challenging teas to consistently source. As the tea economy and demand has grown profoundly within the region of Hunan, it is becoming harder to find a truly authentic Jade Sword ™ that speaks of the quality and taste that we refuse to compromise on. And so it is that our sourcing has had to extend more broadly into the regions of China that have evolved to cultivate this popular tea.

It is so that sourcing beyond the original home of Jade Sword ™ means variation in the flavour that it has become known for. The land – or terroir – informs how the leaves will taste, as well as how it is produced. This is exactly why we only work directly with our tea gardens. We highly value the producer’s expertise in tea production but often bring our understanding of the global market, and broader tea knowledge, to inform and improve the output. This ensures that our customers can continue to expect integrity and consistency from our teas.

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What our customers are saying

Glass Cup with JING Jade Sword Infusion

'I'm addicted to this tea.'

Marta, June 2016

Great tasting tea! I'm addicted to this tea. It tastes lovely and refreshing, not having a bitter taste like some green teas I have tried before. Can definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to start their journey with green tea.

Organic Jade Sword Loose Tea

'5 Stars'

Gillian, January 2017

A lovely, refreshing tea, drinkable at any time of day or night. It has a fresh, clean taste. I have been drinking this tea for many years and have tried others, but keep coming back to this one.

Green tea review

'A light, floral smell'

Matt, Buckets and Spades Blog

'We chose to start with the Jade Sword ™, for its light, floral smell. What we ended up with was the most delicate and tasty cup of tea I'd ever tried. It did make us question why we've only been using bagged tea up until now.'