The highly anticipated new spring teas will be arriving at the end of this week.  When Edward arrived back in London last week we all sat down and had a long tasting of all the green teas we'll be stocking this year. The Dragon Well has a great even shape and the taste is fresh, thick and full.  In addition, we'll have a Jiande Bao Cha in the green tea range. This is a very special green tea and in our opinion one of the finest green teas produced this year. Personally, I was particularly looking forward to trying the new season's Anji Bai Cha - as readers of this blog will know, it's a personal favourite. This year's crop did not disappoint, the leaves have the same fantastically deep and bright green colour, the taste as sweet, fresh and sappy as the previous crops I have fallen for.

Rest assured that as soon as the new season teas have arrived at our warehouse, they'll be available on our site.