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12th May 2009



I've been lucky enough to have some Thai friends stay with me recently so I've been enjoying lots of delicious home-cooked Thai food. We've been trying out various teas with different dishes and have found that some of the flavours really complement each other.The photo above shows steamed sea bass in a fragrant stock/soup of ginger, garlic, chilli, lime juice, sugar and fish sauce topped with coriander and prawns cooked with asparagus and long beans, oyster sauce, chilli and garlic. They're both very fragrant dishes, as is often the case with Thai food and we've found that both jasmine pearls and Anji Bai Cha green tea accompany the dishes particularly well. The fragrant but clean flavour of the jasmine pearls matches the strong fragrant flavours of the food and the sweet green flavours of the Anji Bai Cha complemented the fresh sweetness of the green vegetables in the prawn dish.The teas also provided a nice respite for when the chilli, (used in liberal amounts) became a little overpowering. All in all a highly recommended combination.