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12th November 2014

By Lucy Thornton

Tea Gifts for Her


Christmas Gifts for Her

When looking for something beyond her favourite perfume or luxury hand cream, speciality tea presents a world of opportunity for considered Christmas gifts.  Loose leaf tea offers more than excellent taste… a window to a ceremony refined over millennia, and the opportunity to connect with nature in moments of relaxed focus.

Today’s busy world pulls us in a thousand directions, especially at Christmas. Give the gift of clarity and space, with authentic teas made and served in a simple, uplifting ceremony.

Loose tea doesn’t need to be complicated.  A tea ceremony, whether for one or to share can take many forms.  Here are our suggestions for gifts that introduce and expand this world of tea for her.

For loose tea simplicity at home or at work

A perfect cup of loose tea may seem too complicated as she balances a busy schedule – not so with the JING Infuser Mug Set. Our Glass Infuser Mug is designed for effortless loose tea preparation, paired in this set with some of our favourite loose leaf teas in signature gold tins: Organic Dragon Well, Earl Grey Supreme and Jasmine Pearls.

For the health explorer

As she gears up for detox January and a resolution to start yoga lessons, give a gift that perfectly complements her healthy lifestyle. Green teas are famed for their health benefits and refreshing character. The JING Green Tea Explorer provides her with the perfect insight into the range of authentic green teas currently being produced across Asia.

For tea shared

Tea is often best enjoyed in the comfort of her own home, and shared with a good friend.  Let her share her favourite tea tea with the Glass Two Cup Teapot Set,  made from the highest quality borosilicate glass which is renowned for its durability and crystal clarity.


For the green tea connoisseur

Green tea is so often misunderstood as bitter and harsh.  When quality green tea leaves are made with 70 degree water, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Only the youngest spring leaves & buds are picked in the organic gardens of Botang Long, Zhejiang, China to make JING Anji Green. It boasts vivacious and exuberant flavours combining spring floral scents, sweet sappiness, and a lush texture.

For the visually inspired

A thing of true beauty JING flowering teas are made with green tea buds and beautiful aromatic flowers; refreshing, delicious and a truly inspiring display.

For the white tea fanatic

For those already exploring the world of tea, a definitive example of the most famous white tea in the world makes a perfect gift. Silver Needle comprises the first spring buds of the Da-Bai tea plant. Sweet and mellow - perfect for her to enjoy over long, lingering afternoons.

For the love of Jasmine

Introduce her to the enduringly popular JING Jasmine Pearls. JING Jasmine Pearls are composed of the most perfectly balanced spring green tea, repeatedly hand scented with fresh jasmine flowers (and nothing else!). Poetic in form and fragrance, these stunning pearls produce the most memorable jasmine tea she will ever taste.