Tea for Two

The ritual of preparing tea is one that as is calming as it is uplifting, with the added benefit of tasting great. It's ideal for a moment of focus, or one to be shared with someone you love; an excuse for a daily moment together. With that sentiment in mind, we've prepared a guide to finding your perfect teaware for tea together.

Glass Tea Cup for One

Glass Cups & Saucer

A busy working week doesn't mean there isn't time to take in the morning for tea. To keep fuss to a minimum, our glass cups and saucers are ideal for our pyramid-shaped whole leaf teabags. Just add hot water (temperature according to the tea type), spend the three minutes' brew time having a good catch up, and enjoy.

Teaiere Set

JING Tea-iere

Loose leaf tea couldn't get any simpler, with bright, hand-blown glass and space for the tea to infuse in. Measure your loose leaf tea (or add your tightly furled flowering tea) and enjoy the spectacle together as you wait three minutes for perfectly made tea. The neat design is ideal for minimalists, and also great for infusing fresh herbs, spices, and fruit.

Glass One Cup Teapot - Tea for One

Teapot for Two

 For traditional tea drinkers, our teapot for two is classic in its design, but made from strong, hand-blown glass to give a modern feel. The simple strainer allows you to decant down to the very last drop for a hot, clean, and fragrant infusion. Balanced, comfortable to hold, and crafted not to spill a single drop.

JING Tea Master Pouring Out into Two Teacups

Tea Master

Our Tea Master was inspired by ancient ceremony, but designed for today. For lovers of well-crafted instruments, this tea infuser makes short and quick oolong infusions, which are good for sharing throughout the day, or during a tea ceremony together. Strong and neat, it's also perfectly portable and travels well.

Traditional Chinese Tea Set

Chinese Gong Fu Set

Relax and focus with a tea ceremony refined over millennia. Chinese in essence but modern in form, watch your tea leaves unfurl, judge the strength of the infusion, and enjoy the subtle nuances of taste and texture.

Tea Recommendations

Earl Grey Tea Infusion

Classic Earl Grey Tea

Our Earl Grey is a classic and well-loved black tea. Fragranced by the natural oils of bergamot, and sprinkled with cornflowers, it's a delight to share, with the added bonus of coming in our loose leaf tea bags, loose leaf, and caddy format.

Dragon Well Tea Infusion

Dragon Well Green Tea

One of our best-selling green teas, our Dragon Well - from the West Lake in Hangzhou, China - has a fantastic taste and story to tell. Pan firing by hand gives this tea a flat, neat look and opens up into a hazel-sweet and bright infusion.

Glass teacup of Oriental Beauty Supreme

 Oriental Beauty Supreme

This truly exceptional example of a Taiwanese oolong, when Tom - our buyer - found this tea, he was thrilled with its flawless presentation and taste. Ideal for making with our Gong Fu tea set, this tea is something very special indeed with notes of apple, grape and fragrant wood.