We receive so many questions regarding the antioxidant levels in our teas.  In order to provide accurate information to our customers, we decided to commission tests on our teas by an independent and certified laboratory.We will be commissioning further research across a much larger range of our teas in the near future.

The tests we commissioned assessed the levels of Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is the most abundant and commonly found catechin/flavonoid found in tea.  Flavonoids are the polyphenolic compounds contained in vegetables, fruits and plant which have been the subject of extensive research into their antioxidant effects.

Below we have included a list of the results, showing the amounts of EGCG found in each of the teas we tested. We’ve then given this in the form of mg/250ml serving.

  1. Pre-Rain Jun Shan Silver Needle Yellow Tea - 75.25mg EGCG/250ml serving
  2. Pre-Rain Organic Dragon Well Supreme Green Tea - 64.5mg EGCG/250ml serving
  3. Organic Gunpowder Supreme Green Tea - 61mg EGCG/250ml serving
  4. Organic White Peony Supreme White Tea - 50.75mg EGCG/250ml serving
  5. Silver Needle White Tea - 39.25mg EGCG/250ml serving
  6. Big Red Robe Supreme Oolong Tea - 26.5mg EGCG/250ml serving
  7. Yellow Gold Oolong Tea - 14.5mg EGCG/250ml serving
  8. Assam Breakfast Black Tea - 6mg EGCG/250ml serving

On our website, next to each tea, you will also be able to see the total levels of antioxidants for each tea. These figures include results for the less abundant antioxidants - Epicatechine, ECG and EGC.