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8th November 2007


The Great Tea Bag Debate

The BBC's 'Working Lunch' recently invited JING Tea's founder, Edward Eisler, onto the programme to discuss the revolutionary development of nylon tea bags.

Edward has been quoted in several national news papers recently and appeared on the BBC's Working Lunch to discuss new development of tea bag technology, the so-called 'nylon' tea bag.

So what is all the fuss about? This new style of tea bag allows loose leaf tea, rather than tea dust or CTC, to be put into tea bags and can therefore produce a far superior cup than a conventional paper tea bag.

One major concern about 'nylon' tea bags have been expressed, however, and it's environmental. Seeing as Britain alone consumes more than 150 million cups of tea a day, many people have begun to worry that nylon tea bags will lead to land fill sites all over the world becoming full of tea bags.

Yet this need not be the case. We at JING have found a way to solve this problem and have ensured that our mesh tea bags that are derived from bio-degradable material. They also contain our finest whole leaf teas, and create a fantastic cup.

To watch the Working Lunch programme in full and hear Edward's opinion on new tea bag technology, click here