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1st April 2009


The Importance of Freshness

We've been tasting a lot of samples of teas recently and thought we would show you a little illustration of the importance of freshness when it comes to great tea.

This photo shows as obviously as possible the visible difference between the very freshest samples and those that have been opened and kept in a warm environment.Both the samples above are exactly the same tea, infused for the same length of time, using the same amount of tea.

The sample on the left has been in our office for few months. As it's a popular tea, it's been opened a lot and unfortunately we are unable to control the temperature of the office so it's usually very warm.

The sample on the right has come straight from our warehouse, as it would to a web customer. It's been stored at normal room temperature and it has been in contact with as little air as possible. The colour is clearly brighter and the taste will be the very freshest you can get.

So the lesson here, to keep your tea as fresh as possible after you've opened it, store it in a cool, dark place and make sure you squeeze all of the air out when you reseal the bag. Our gold resealable bags are designed to help you with this and to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy fresh tea for longer.