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9th March 2017


Top Five Tea Gifts for Mother's Day

Ready to Gift

Buying thoughtful tea gifts for Mothers Day can take time and thought. If you know you’re looking for a tea gift though, you’re half way there. We’ve made a quick list of the top five things to consider, and provided some recommendations for our most popular loose leaf teas.

White and Green Tea Explorer Set with Tea-iere

Tea Explorer

A great solution if you’re not sure what your loved one will like, our tea explorers have small samples of different teas to discover and enjoy for each tea type from white tea, all the way through to herbal infusions. Pack in our signature gold gift box.

Complete JING Infuser Mug Set on an Uplift Tray

Tea Infuser Set

One of our most popular gifts, we’ve popped everything you need to enjoy tea at its best into our signature gold boxes. The beautiful JING hand-blown glass infuser mug and timer make it the perfect tea for one experience. For busy people that a need a moment of calm, daily focus.

Sand Tea Timer

JING Glass Tea Timer

 Our  hand-blown glass tea timer is practical for timing and making tea perfectly, but also makes a wonderful item to display within the tea ceremony. A small tea gift that goes a long way.

Tea Caddies

Tea Caddy Set

Our fully recyclable caddies are inspired by traditional Japaense design, and are foil sealed to keep the leaves inside as fresh as when they left the garden. Choose from our collection of three signature tea caddies, elegantly packaged in gold gift boxes.

Matcha Bowl, Whisk and Spoon Set

Matcha Set

The complete matcha tea set comes with premium green tea powder, bamboo whisk and beautiful deep black bowl with a red hue. It's ideal for recreating the Japanese tea ceremony and makes an interesting gift for those with a taste for something slightly more unusual.

Tea Recommendations

Best Earl Grey Tea

Best Earl Grey Tea

'Like a fine wine, Jing’s Earl Grey is my special occasion brew.  I have a genuine concern that if I drink this all the time I’ll never be able to settle for any other Earl Grey Tea. If you’re a fan, you need to try it!'

Vicki Higham, A Life of Geekery

Tea Drinking Companion

Flowering Tea

'A wonderfully fragrant but subtle taste - perfect for unwinding after a busy day or week. I love the idea of having a mini "tea ritual" every weekend. Just the sound of tea being poured is sometimes enough to calm me down.'

Jaime Tung, Angloyankophile

Ceylon & Rose Loose Tea

 Black Tea and Rosebud

'Tea should be enjoyed slowly and it buys you time to take a breath. Hot, comforting tea. I like to pair meals with tea, such as this really soft black tea with a rose tone.'

Ros Stratton, Clove Food Co