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7th November 2018


Turkey Rice with Shallot & Spicy Cucumber | Ali Shan Tea Pairing

This simple Ali Shan oolong tea pairing is not only a great way to use up Christmas leftovers, it is also a famous dish in Chiayi where the tea is grown and matches particularly well with the flavour profile of the tea. It is rich, with some sweetness, and light, spicy cucumber to finish: an ideal lunch for the day after Boxing Day.


JING Ali Shan Oolong Tea Pairing

Experience a taste of Chiayi, Taiwan: creamy character, spring flowers and notes of mango and apricot – a result of high altitude that encourages slow growth and elicits superb flavour. We've paired this tea with rich buttery rice, the sweetness of caramelised turkey, and the freshness of spicy cucumber.

Taiwan Oolong Garden
Ali Shan Oolong Tea Pairing Recipe from Rob Roy Cameron

JING Ali Shan Oolong Tea Pairing

Turkey Rice with Shallots and Spicy Cucumber

Serves: 4

For the Chicken Stock
2.5kg Chicken bones
0.5kg Pork Bones
200g Leek
200g Ginger
1 Sheet Kombu
200g Onion
50g Smoked Bacon

To Serve
Shredded Leftover Turkey (enough for four)

For the Garlic Butter
50g Garlic
200g Salted butter

For Rice
300g Jasmine Rice
360g Water
1 Bunch Spring Onion
Chicken Stock
Shoaxing Wine
Garlic Butter

For the Cucumber
1 Large Cucumber
50g Sugar
50g Salt
50g Rice Vinegar
Olive Oil

  • Roast bones in the oven until golden brown
  • Add the rest of the ingredients, cover with water and bring to the boil
  • Reduce to a simmer and skin off the foam
  • Partially cover and simmer on medium heat for 2 hours
  • Strain, cool and freeze
  • Clarify by defrosting over cheese cloth. Reduce if needed and season
  • Bring the chicken stock to the boil, add the turkey and reduce the heat to a light simmer
  • Make a paste out of the garlic
  • Mix it into the soft butter and put aside
  • Slice the cucumber length ways into thin strips with a mandolin
  • Mix the salt and sugar and lightly season the sliced cucumber
  • Season with rice vinegar and olive oil
  • Bring the water to the boil the add the rice
  • Lower the heat and cover
  • Cook until water has evaporated (approx. 15 mins)
  • Remove from heat and spread out on tray to dry slightly
  • Finely chop the spring onions
  • Before serving, heat a pan with a knob of butter. add the rice and mix, stir to make sure the rice grains are loose and separate
  • In a pan add a portion of shredded turkey
  • Add a splash of the stock and cook down until it is caramelised
  • Season with salt
  • Serve on top of the rice with a spoon of caramelised onion chutney, crispy shallots (you can buy these at most Asian supermarkets) and the pickled cucumber
  • Season the cucumber with shichimi
  • Serve
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Recipe by 

Rob Roy Cameron

Executive Chef, Gazelle, Mayfair