Why Are We Championing Organic Agriculture?

24th September 2023


Why Are We Championing Organic Agriculture?

Discover more about the value of Organic agriculture in tea from Lucy, our Sustainability lead.



Our organic commitment has taken us deep into the lives of tea farmers and often to new and unchartered territories in places like Yunnan, where wild tea bushes thrive, and organic practices are a way of life.   


Across Asia, these producers have shown us how organic farming encourages the return of wildlife, improves crop resilience to extreme weather, and produces the purest teas we have ever tasted. 


Reaching our 80% goal isn’t the end, though. We’re committed to sharing the best organic tea stories and incredible tastes of origins not yet converted, encouraging more support for their organic journey so tea continues to become purer. This way, it’s better for you, it’s better for producers, and it’s better for the planet.


Spring really is the most exciting time of the year for those of us who love good tea