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16th August 2018


Forest Mushroom Broth with Cured Egg Yolk | Yunnan Gold Tea Pairing

Our Yunnan Gold Tea Pairing Recipe was inspired by the beautifully diverse region of Yunnan from which it is sourced. Famed not only for its rich, unique teas, it also highly regarded for its mushrooms. When the summer monsoon season hits, foragers flock to the area to scout for delicious fungi and these are commonly enjoyed in a ‘hot pot’, using tea also as an ingredient.


JING Yunnan Gold Black Tea

The rationale behind this Yunnan Gold Tea Pairing Recipe was to ‘deconstruct’ the traditional hot pot of Yunnan and create a dish that celebrated the beauty of mushrooms and the tea as individual components, yet also how they complement the other. The earthiness of the mushrooms is only enhanced by the tasting notes of the tea – rich caramel and malt – and the egg yolk is cured in citrus to sing with the fruity nature of the tea.

Yunnan Gold Tea Pairing Recipe from Rob Roy Cameron Michelin Star Chef
Yunnan Gold Tea Pairing Recipe

JING Yunnan Gold Tea Pairing Recipe

Forest Mushroom Broth with Cured Egg Yolk

Serves: 4

For the Mushroom Stock
40g Dried Ceps
100g Dried Shitakes
100g Onion
10g Dried Kombu
2L Water

For the Cep Oil
50g Dried Ceps
500g Neutral Oil

For the Cured Egg Yolk
4 Duck Eggs
360g Ponzu
50g Soy Sauce

For King Oyster Mushroom
6 King Oyster Mushrooms
500g Cep Oil

Enoki Mushrooms
Hen of the Woods
Winter Savoury


For the Stock

  • Peel the onion, cut in half and burn the flat side in a dry pan
  • Add all ingredients to stockpot bring to the boil then simmer gently for one hour
  • Pass the stock through a muslin cloth to clarify
  • Reduce further if necessary and season with soy sauce

For the Cep Oil

  • Add the ceps to the oil in a baking dish
  • Pop in warm oven (around 70-75 degrees) and leave for three hours
  • Allow to cool and leave to infuse over night
  • Strain and store until use

For the Cured Egg Yolk

  • Mix the ponzu and the soy sauce
  • Separate the yolk and the white and leave in ponzu for 5 hours, turning every half hour
  • Once cured, remove from marinade and store in neutral oil

For King Oyster Mushroom

  • Cut the Mushrooms in half length ways
  • Place the mushrooms in a jar
  • Cover with cep oil


  • Remove 2 halves of the King Oyster Mushroom and cut them in half length ways again
  • Place flat side down in a pan on medium heat
  • Break the Hen of the Woods into smaller pieces and add to the pan
  • Cut the Girolles in half and add last - Cook mushrooms until golden on one side
  • Season with salt and Winter Savoury
  • Place mushrooms in bowl with cured egg yolk
  • Add a ladle of hot mushroom stock and dress with a drizzle of cep oil
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Recipe by 

Rob Roy Cameron

Executive Chef, Gazelle, Mayfair