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Many of us drink tea each day – it’s the most widely consumed beverage in the world after water – and yet we have long compromised on the quality, opting for an easy but limited selection of dusty supermarket teabags. We believe in celebrating tea for what it truly is: a wonderful expression of provenance, skill, and breadth of flavour.


What if we assured you that making loose leaf tea was easy and that you could discover a new world from the comfort of your own home or office? A world where your tea experience was immersive as well as delicious? Well, you can. You simply need one tool to transform your tea routine into an inspiring, everyday experience.

The JING Tea-iere

The only necessary tool for
making loose leaf tea

The JING glass ‘tea-iere’ tea infuser range has been carefully hand-blown by skilled masters in China and designed to facilitate a fuss-free approach to loose leaf tea making, decanting into a full and flavoursome infusion.
The only choice you need to make is the size that suits you best.

Choose the size

  • Perfect amount of tea for either one or two cups
  • Ample room for the leaves to infuse for full flavour
  • Watch your infusion develop with strong, crystal clear borosilicate glass
  • Easy to clean, and all parts dishwasher safe

How to make

With the core principles of ancient ceremony at the heart of everything we do, here’s how to make the perfect cup of loose leaf tea, effortlessly.

Our Bestsellers

Unsure where to start? Why not try one of our
most popular loose leaf teas?

Assam Breakfast black tea loose leaf and infusion

Assam ‘English Breakfast’ Tea

A robust black breakfast tea: rich, malty, and rousing

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Jasmine Silver Needle white tea infusion and leaf

Jasmine Silver Needle

A soft white tea, scented with whole, natural jasmine flowers

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Jade Sword Green tea loose leaf and infusion

Organic Jade Sword

A refreshing, sweet, organic green tea; the very essence of spring

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Peppermint Tea Herbal tea loose leaf and infusion

Peppermint Tea

An intensely refreshing herbal tea: whole peppermint leaves picked & dried

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Want to explore?

Explorer Sets

Travel the world of tea with our loose tea explorer sets: nine different sets, up to five samples of tea, and a handy guide including story of origin, tasting notes, and how to make. The option to add a JING tea-iere glass tea infuser is also included.

The latest from our blog

As tea lovers make the long-predicted shift towards better quality loose leaf teas (so long dusty supermarket teabags) we can’t place a greater emphasis on the joys of discovering a whole new world of tea. There’s a time and place for teabags, of course, but here are just 8 reasons to consider upgrading your daily tea routine.

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