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Unleash the full spectrum of Asian tea flavors with loose leaf teas! Our single garden collection lets you savor the distinct character of each region, showcasing the perfect harmony between origin and craftsmanship.

    1. JING Loose Flowering Jasmine and Lily Bulbs in a Glass Tube
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      Flowering Tea Flowering Jasmine And Lily Floral , Honeyed, Enticing From Fujian, China
      £10.004 Bulbs
    2. Earl Grey Loose Tea
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      Black Tea Earl Grey Bergamot, Wild Honey, Malty From Assam, India
    3. 232
      JING Tea Whole Rosebuds Loose Leaf Organic Herbal Tea 232
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      Herbal Tea Organic Whole Rosebuds Rose, Fresh Meadow, Bay Leaf From Tinghir, Morocco
    4. Jasmine Silver Needle - Loose Leaf Jasmine Tea Leaves - JING Tea - AWARDS
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      White Tea Jasmine Silver Needle Jasmine, Honeydew, Vanilla From Mengjiao Garden, Yunnan China
    5. JING Tea Jasmine Pearls Loose Leaf Green Tea
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      Green Tea Jasmine Pearls Jasmine, Grass, Sap From Dixu Garden, Yunnan, China