Loose Leaf Starter Kit

Everything you need to make loose tea quickly and simply at home. Open up a whole new world of teas to try.

The kit includes:

  • A JING Teaiere

  • Glass Sand Timer

  • Classic Tea Explorer - 10 single serves of some of our favourite teas

Loose Leaf Starter Kit


Choose whether you want a starter kit for one or two people by selecting either a One or Two Cup Tea-iere. Every kit also includes a Glass Sand Timer and a Classic Tea Explorer. Having the perfect amount of tea for one cup measured out in each sachet in the Explorer means it's as easy and fuss-free as it gets to prepare your loose tea. The packaging is fully recyclable too, so it’s a win-win for you and the environment. The tea-iere is similarly designed to a cafetière, but without the plunger so the tea leaves space to impart their flavours. Watching the tea leaves infuse through the glass allows you to appreciate the colour and shape of the tea, watching clear and translucent colours emerge as the infusion develops. Once you know how simple loose tea can be, you'll have opened up a whole new world of teas to try.

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