The Soul Behind
the Superfood

More to Matcha
than meets the eye

While it is true that this green tea powder is packed with antioxidants – a superfood if you will – it is often for this reason that its integrity as a drink is compromised. At its highest grade, it is a deliciously uplifting drink that has sat at the heart and soul of Japanese tea culture for millennia, and at the centre of ceremony.


JING Matcha
Green Tea

  • Extraordinary taste: Creamy, Sweet, Invigorating. From single cultivar – Okumidori – unlike other Matcha, which are often blended for taste.
  • Single garden, Kagoshima, Japan: rich volcanic and fertile terroir, agriculturally organic, rendering the highest quality tencha tea leaves.
  • Fresh, small batches: tea leaves are cold-stored and stone-milled to order in Uji, Japan with traditional Mikage mills.

“We believe that this is the best tasting Matcha available within Europe*. When we source we prioritise quality of flavour, with a focus on authentic expression of provenance.  We’re delighted to have found our NEW single cultivar Matcha: the greenest, creamiest and most characterful of the hundreds we tasted.”


Ed Eisler, JING Founder

*Compliant with EU standards
Edward Eisler Profile

High Quality MatchaWhat you should
be looking for?

ColourBright, rich, vivid green – indicative of the quality of the base Tencha tea leaves.
Texture A fine, soft texture with no lumps – the result of careful and masterful milling.
TasteSweet, umami flavour, and a rich, creamy mouthfeel – skillfully cultivated, and fresh.

How to make Matcha

Prepare your

Add a little cold
water & Matcha

Whisk to
smooth paste

Add 80-degree

Whisk briskly in
‘M’ shape


Our favourite
Matcha products

Matcha Tea (30g)

Single garden, small batch, milled to order & supremely fresh Matcha.

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Classic Matcha set with scoop, whisk and bowl.

Classic Matcha Set

Experience a traditional Matcha ceremony with our complete, authentic set.

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Modern Matcha Set

Enjoy deliciously uplifting
Matcha in minutes, and with complete ease.

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