Inspired by one of our customers, I thought I would write a quick post to show how easy it is to make fantastic cold tea infusions using whole leaf teas.

First choose the tea you’d like to use, from previous experience we’d recommend Ali Shan Oolong teaPhoenix Honey Orchid OolongAnji Bai Cha Green teaJade Sword Green tea or Blackcurrant and Hibiscus.Use a large glass, pitcherteapottea-iere or plastic bottle for on the go.

Add roughly double the  amount of tea as you would for a normal infusion when using hot water, 3-5g (1-2 teaspoons) per cup. Next add cold water and refrigerate overnight, or longer for a stronger taste.In the morning you’ll have a refreshing infusion, perfect if you want a cup of tea but don’t fancy a hot drink. The above example is currently in the fridge. Unfortunately I don’t have a “here’s one I made earlier” photo to add today so I’ll add one tomorrow – looking forward to it already.