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One Cup Teapot Set

Easily prepare and enjoy loose leaf tea for one with our hand-blown glass One Cup Teapot and matching Glass Cup & Saucer.

One Cup Teapot Set


This set contains our One Cup Teapot and Glass Cup & Saucer, which are carefully designed to match in style and volume with a modern, elegant feel. We always advise making the right quantity of tea for your cup, as tea left over-infusing in the pot will never taste as good. With this set, you can fully pour out your tea as soon as it’s right for you and your leaves will be ready for the next infusion.


Our Glass - Stronger, Brighter, Clearer

  • 5 Years

    Every master who makes JING Glass has a minimum of 5 years’ experience hand-blowing and crafting glass.

  • 10 Steps

    Making each piece requires mastery of a minimum of 10 steps. At every stage, the glass is heated and shaped into our signature designs.

  • 4 Days

    Each piece of JING Glass takes four days to produce. Slow heating and cooling enables the highest degree of precision and detail.

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  1. Rating

    10 years ago

    Great tea set for enjoying tea for one

    This is just the right size for a generous cup of tea for one, and great quality too. I've washed my teapot, cup and saucer up several times now and there have been no chips or cracks, even around the spout. The tea set looks delicate and elegant, yet is strong enough to last - a winning combination in my eyes!
  2. Rating

    10 years ago

    Carefree Brewing

    All of Jing's glass ware seems to be a cut above the rest and this is no exception!Over the years I've brewed in many different ways from 60ml gaiwans with leaves packed to the rim, to clay yixing pots of the highest quality. But actually the best tea session I've had have been out in the garden or sat on the sofa casually enjoying a set like this. Its perfect for solo drinking and I often just have 150ml from this set per brew by just half filling the vessels. When a couple of friends come over I can break out the 80ml-100ml cups and serve 3-4 people over multiple infusion. I love the way with glass youd don't have to fuss over timings. Just a quick glance at the pot will show me when the tea is where I want it to be.The review below wrote \desert island set in their title and I totally agree. In fact I've recently sold off the majority of my wares and now just own this set and a few cups and I'm just about to order a second set for the office!Perfect!"
  3. Rating

    13 years ago

    On a desert island I would bring a Jing glass tea set...

    This glass tea set from Jing is the perfect companion for every tea session. What surprised me as soon as I handled it was its elegance and the solidity of the glass. Glass teaware I had before was made of very thin glass (and it broke easily), while all the teaware from Jing is made of a thick, high quality glass that is long lasting and feels comfortable to the touch. The size is perfect for everyday use, but for Gong Fu Cha I would suggest a smaller teapot. I use this set for every kind of tea: the glass is ideal for green and white teas, but being made of a certain thickness makes it perfect even for oolong, black, and puerh.What makes the teapot my everyday favourite is the easiness of its cleaning, since the filter doesnt retain many leaf fragments.The cup is made of the same quality glass and it's very wide. I really enjoy this feature since the tea cools fast, being safer and healthier to drink.I just love the teapot and the cup so much that I have three sets: the shape of each one is a little bit different , so it's like having different characters to brew your tea with.
  4. Rating

    14 years ago

    The clear glass design allows you to see the tea leaves do their dance and expand nicely

    As a single person who is the only person in my house that drinks tea, I seldom make a pot of tea---even though I have teapot that is cute as can be. The problem is that I have so much tea that I rarely drink the same tea blend twice in a row unless it is oolong and my teapot is really meant to serve like 3-4 cups of tea. Yes, I know that I don't actually have to make 3-4 cups of tea and could adjust accordingly, but lets just say that it mostly a decorative teapot and leave it at that. OK, I don't use it because I am addicted to my regular tea maker. Regardless of all that, I am grateful to receive this set from JING to try out. The set consists of a clear glass teapot with cup and saucer.The teapot: This is a cute little teapot that is deceptively larger than it looks. When I first opened the set, I was doubtful that it would even fill the cup completely, but it does. This makes about 10 oz of tea, which is a seemingly odd amount. The teapot is actually fairly ingenious. It has a wire spring strainer that attaches through the tea spout. I love this because I hate the delicateness of glass and ceramic infusers that tend to take a beating and aren't really very durable. The one drawback to this wire strainer is that this will not be able to strain smaller particles like those found in rooibos and even broken black leaves and the like. When preparing black tea, an escapee tea leaf will occasionally make it into your cup. The clear glass design allows you to see the tea leaves do their dance and expand nicely. There is also a small hole in the lid that makes cleaning easy. You simply fill with water turn upside down and allow to drain. Ideally, the tea leaves will collect inside the walled tea lid and allow for easy disposal. JING points out on their website that this pot would be ideal for gong-fu style preparation and I agree.The teacup and saucer: The cup is concave rather than a cup with straight up walls. It is kind of modern and cute. The saucer is made of a nice, durable thick glass and survived a drop onto the kitchen floor. My one concern with the cup and saucer was that they wouldnt resist the heat well and it might be impossible to hold onto the cup and drink a hot cup without burning my fingers, but so long as you hold onto the handles and avoid touching the cup/pot itself with the hotter liquids it is not a problem.JING sells this both as a set and separately. However, there is a bit of a pricebreak if you buy the set rather than individually. JING makes reference to this as being good for travel and though the glass seems durable, I am not too sure that I would travel with this for the simple fact that it is made of glass. Overall, I found the set to be chic, practical and the teapot somewhat ingenious. I think this is a great set and I appreciate JING for sending it. If this sounds like something that would appeal to you, then I would strongly urge you to add it to your cart when shopping with JING.
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