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Personalised 1-2-1 Video Consultations

We’re on a mission to help you to get maximum enjoyment from your tea.


It starts with us finding the very best tasting teas that will be good for you, for the people who make them and for the environment. We know that navigating through the different categories and tastes of tea can be daunting. We also know the joy that comes from finding the perfect tea for you, at the right time of day and during the right season. That’s why we’re launching these consultations.


Each consultation will depend on exactly what you need – we’ll do our best to answer your questions about tea and they could also include recommendations on new teas to try, methods of preparing different teas at home or even suitable gifts. We’ll use the video to show you the different teas, who’s made them and where they come from, and to demonstrate making techniques.

Every session is complimentary and will last 45 minutes. All you need to do to join is book a slot below, and at the right time use your desktop, tablet or mobile device – and a good connection to meet us.

We really look forward to meeting you in this new way – as always, if you have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

You’ll be speaking to our Tea Experience team members, Felicity and Will. They both spend their days tasting and drinking teas, working their way through the types, categories, origins and styles of tea making; speaking to tea farmers and producers and experimenting with the best ways to get the most flavour out of them. Let them fast track all of this for you – spend up to 45 minutes with them to uncover the right teas for you.