Porcelain Tea Infuser

A Porcelain Tea Infuser composed of a mug, basket and lid, designed for effortless loose leaf tea making.

Porcelain Tea Infuser


Used by masters of teaware since the 7th century, high quality porcelain delivers the perfect balance of delicacy and superior strength. Our compact 3-piece Porcelain Tea Infuser set has been designed for the effortless enjoyment of our authentic loose leaf teas. To use, simply follow the recipe for your desired tea. Once the tea has infused, lift the basket out to separate it from the tea. Place the basket on the upturned lid to capture any drips or spills, then re-infuse when you are ready for another cup.

Our Glass - Stronger, Brighter, Clearer

  • 5 Years

    Every master who makes JING Glass has a minimum of 5 years’ experience hand-blowing and crafting glass.

  • 10 Steps

    Making each piece requires mastery of a minimum of 10 steps. At every stage, the glass is heated and shaped into our signature designs.

  • 4 Days

    Each piece of JING Glass takes four days to produce. Slow heating and cooling enables the highest degree of precision and detail.

Customer Reviews

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  1. Rating

    1 year ago

    Quality design

    It may not have the visual appeal of the glass version but it is far more robust. Ideal for black tea. A nicely designed product that I use every day. The snuggness of the lid during infusion is a testament to its production standards.
  2. Rating

    1 year ago

    Love it

    I had so many white cups and this is my favourite by far.
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