Black Tea

Golden Gong Fu

Fresh, Fruity, Enticing

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A remarkably fresh and fruity Chinese black tea, made from succulent spring tea leaves in China's Fujian province.

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Golden Gong Fu Black Tea


The Origin Story

Golden Gong Fu (坦洋工夫- Tan Yang Gong Fu), is a rare Chinese black tea picked from the first flush in high altitude gardens between 1st and 5th April in Tan Yang village, Fujian. It's a remarkably fresh and fruity black tea with enticing aromas of lily, plum and caramel. Tan Yang Gong Fu is one of Fujian's three famous Gong Fu black teas, the others being Bai Lin Gong Fu (白琳工夫) and Zheng He Gong Fu (政和工夫).

This black tea is produced for us by Mr Lin using the first spring flush, hand-picked before the Qing Ming festival. Using the first tea leaves and buds of the season to make a black tea gives the infusion a markedly different character to teas produced later in spring or summer.

The deep black twists of tea leaf and golden tips give an infusion that is fresher, lighter and less heavy, with more pronounced fruit and floral high notes and a slight but pleasing sourness. The more common robust flavours of caramel and malt of a black are still there, but in perfect balance.

China - Fujian

Fujian is home to some of the world's best oolongs, white and black teas

Our Golden Gong Fu is produced in Tan Yang village, nestled in the mountains of Fu'an in Fujian. In our view, Fujian produces probably the most exciting and consistently excellent black teas in the world. Golden Gong Fu is no exception, It’s a great insight into the black tea making traditions of this ancient tea region.

  • Cultivar
    Bai Mu Dan
  • Oxidisation Level
  • Picked

Tasting Notes

Engage Your Senses

What to
Look For

Neat, black tea twists with downy golden tips.


Fresh, light and very fruity for a black tea, with floral high notes.

In the Cup

Light and bright red copper tea infusion.


Lightly fruity black tea and malty with caramel sweetness and a tangy plum finish.

Make the Perfect Cup of Golden Gong Fu


Measure 3g or 2tsp per cup (250ml)

Heat Water
Heat Water

Heat water to 100°C


Infuse tea for 3 minutes

3 min

You can infuse this tea once

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