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Green Tea


Grassy, Creamy, Invigorating

A tea at the heart of Japanese ceremony, our unique, single cultivar Matcha Green Tea powder is unrivalled in freshness, vibrant colour, and creamy sweetness. 30g tin.

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Matcha Green Tea

The Origin Story

We’re pleased to introduce a very fine grade of Matcha that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Deliciously sweet and deep in flavour, its vivid and forest green colour is the result of a few important quality factors, such as:

The unique cultivar & single origin. Most Matcha green tea powders are rendered from blended Tencha leaves, to achieve a balance of flavour. Ours, however, already has all the clear character it needs to be exceptional, made from theOkumidori cultivar.

Using the finest Tencha base leaves, shaded carefully during growth to evoke rich, green chlorophyll.

It’s supremely fresh – we only mill small batches to order – we recommend keeping it within its airtight tin in the refrigerator.

Organic agriculture. The farm is in conversion to organic standards and this gives the best of both worlds: control of agrochemicals and high quality expectations.

Japan - Kagoshima

Kagoshima is a major tea production area in Japan, producing some of the earliest picked teas each year

Our Matcha is produced in Kagoshima, in Kyushu, in the far south of Japan. The area is overlooked by Sakurajima, an active volcano which periodically covers the area in ash, making the area extremely fertile. As the farmer had no established route to market for his tea, we worked with a partner and the milling was done in Uji, Kyoto – home to the highest quality Japanese matcha mills – then packed immediately into air tight tins. The milling is done in the traditional way with a mikage stone mill.

  • Cultivar
  • Oxidisation Level
  • Picked

Tasting Notes

Engage Your Senses

What to
Look For

A brilliant, fine green tea powder.


Grassy and fresh green tea.

In the Cup

Lathered surface on a vibrant green liquor.


An initial pleasantly bitter taste leading to a lingering, creamy sweetness.

Make the Perfect Cup of Matcha

Heat Water
Heat Water

Heat water to 70°


Matcha Green Tea
Average rating: 5 Stars
  • Rating: 5 stars
    by Jo
    by Jo
    Rating: 5 stars
    I've tried a few different matcha tea's and this is by far and away the best one I've tasted. It is a smooth drink with no hint of bitterness like others I have experienced. I simply love it.
  • Rating: 5 stars
    by Deborah
    Beautiful Green Tea
    by Deborah
    Rating: 5 stars
    Beautiful Green Tea
    I order this tea on a regular basis from Ireland and I can honestly say that it is my favourite tea of all time!! It has a beautiful smooth texture and it has a lovely cleansing effect on your palate. I am also very grateful for how fast this company is at dispatching my orders, I always receive my tea with 2/3 days of ordering!! Debbie from Ireland.

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