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Black Tea

Darjeeling Tea - Second Flush Supreme

Fragrant, Syrupy, Complex

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Delicious, organic Indian black tea leaves from Darjeeling's summer harvest - miles apart from anything we have tasted in prior years.

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Darjeeling Tea - Second Flush Supreme Black Tea

The Origin Story

We are delighted to present this fantastic example of Darjeeling Second Flush Supreme from the organic Aloobari estate. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Darjeeling's cooler and damper climate offers the perfect conditions for tea to flourish and produce black teas of unrivalled quality and complexity.

This Darjeeling Second Flush Supreme is composed of fine tender two leaves and a bud, hand-picked from selected tea bushes within the Aloobari Estate. The delicate tea leaves are carefully handled to retain the inherent qualities of the fresh succulent leaves.

A long oxidisation gives this tea a full bodied infusion, malty fragrance and notes of ripe fruit. What struck us most about this black tea is its rich mouthfeel and unique syrupy sweetness - miles apart from anything we have tasted this year and in the last few years.

This is a must-try for any Darjeeling tea lover.

If you are new Darjeeling Teas, then try our Darjeeling second flush, available as loose tea and in tea bags. Then come back here to taste the difference.

India - Darjeeling

Aloobari estate, one of Darjeeling's first tea estates, is home to our Darjeeling Second Flush Supreme

In 1840, the first tea seeds were planted and started to thrive at the Aloobari Tea Estate and with it was born the Darjeeling Tea Industry. A hundred and seventy six years on, some of those bushes are still there and produce some incredible tea.

  • Cultivar
    Camellia sinensis sinensis
  • Oxidisation Level
  • Picked

Tasting Notes

Engage Your Senses

What to
Look For

Shades of red-brown twisted tea leaves and silvery tips.


Ripe stone fruit and honey.

In the Cup

Elegant amber orange tea infusion with a greenish rim.


Syrupy and sweet, with honey and Muscat raisin.

Make the Perfect Cup of Darjeeling Tea - Second Flush Supreme


Measure 4g or 2tsp per cup (250ml)

Heat Water
Heat Water

Heat water to 100°C


Infuse tea for 3 minutes

3 min

You can infuse this tea up to 2 times

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