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Tea Regions

  • Silver Needle Loose Tea
    Average rating: 5 Stars
    1 Review(s)

    Silver Needle

    Whole, downy buds of loose leaf silver needle white tea, dried slowly for fresh, sweet spring flavour.

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  • Silver Needle Supreme - Loose Tea
    Average rating: 4.9 Stars
    16 Review(s)

    Silver Needle Supreme

    The finest silver needle white tea buds from the celebrated, authentic home of this tea. Famous for distinct melon, honey and cucumber flavour.

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  • Ceylon and Rose - Loose Tea
    Average rating: 5 Stars
    2 Review(s)

    Ceylon & Rose

    A delicious combination of calming, sweet miniature rosebuds over a smooth Ceylon black tea base.

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  • Ceylon and Rose Tea Caddy

    Ceylon & Rose Tea Caddy

    An elegant caddy (75g) of whole rosebuds and smooth Ceylon tea. The perfect gift for a black tea lover.