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Tea Regions

  • Li Shan - Loose Tea
    Average rating: 5 Stars
    2 Review(s)

    Li Shan

    A rare Taiwanese high mountain oolong tea from a small garden using organic principles.

    From £8.95
  • Oriental Beauty - Loose Tea
    Average rating: 5 Stars
    1 Review(s)

    Oriental Beauty

    One of Taiwan's most famous and fragrant oolong teas. A deeply aromatic treat to enjoy with light pastries

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  • Ali Shan - Loose Tea
    Average rating: 4.9 Stars
    11 Review(s)

    Ali Shan

    The perfect introduction to Taiwan's acclaimed high mountain oolongs

    From £16.00
  • Yellow Gold - Loose Tea
    Average rating: 4.5 Stars
    6 Review(s)

    Yellow Gold

    Start here for a fantastic introduction to the world of oolong teas - light, sweet, smooth and easy to make.

    From £2.30
  • Wuyi Oolong - Loose Tea
    Average rating: 4.35 Stars
    3 Review(s)

    Wuyi Oolong

    A great introduction to the rich, roasted flavours of Wuyi Chinese oolong teas with notes of nuts and dark chocolate.

    From £3.60

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  • Phoenix Honey Orchid Loose Tea
    Average rating: 4.8 Stars
    5 Review(s)

    Phoenix Honey Orchid

    Bold, complex, fruit flavours from the majestic Phoenix mountain

    From £14.00
  • Iron Buddha Loose Tea
    Average rating: 5 Stars
    1 Review(s)

    Iron Buddha Tea

    Steeped in legend this is a veritable king amongst oolong teas - lightly oxidised, gently floral with fresh tart edge.

    From £14.00
  • Iron Buddha Tea Caddy

    Iron Buddha Tea Caddy

    An elegant caddy (75g) of China's most famous oolong

  • Phoenix Thunder Loose Tea

    Phoenix Thunder

    A rare and complex Chinese oolong tea cultivated from the legendary ‘Lei Kou Chai’ – an ancient tea tree struck by lightning.

    From £9.50
  • Oriental Beauty Supreme Loose Tea

    Oriental Beauty Supreme

    A truly exceptional example of an iconic Taiwanese oolong tea; highly aromatic with notes of apple and fragrant wood

    From £8.50

    Out of stock