Green Tea

Shimen Green Mountain

Fresh, Floral, Reviving

A spring-fresh Chinese loose leaf green tea 2019 from the Wuling Mountain Range, Shimen.

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Shimen Green Mountain Green Tea


The Origin Story

Each year, we spend the early Spring in Asia with our partner farmers and master tea makers to perfect and select those Spring teas that truly capture the essence of the season: bursting with sweet, delicate flavour. We look for nuances of taste that can only come from authentic terroir and the work of the tea master - the unique signature of each batch. To lock in the original freshness, we package the tea directly at origin, ensuring it reaches you in the same way that it left the garden.

We discovered our Shimen Green Mountain in the organic, biodiverse, Ziliang garden at an elevation of over 1,000m on the spectacular Wuling mountain range. At such altitude, the tea has time to grow slowly and develop astounding aroma, texture and complex flavour notes. A light lime-green infusion, abundant floral aromas and a complex palate with subtle citrus undertones. Thick and satisfyingly sweet, this tea is highly prized at origin and so celebrated locally that it rarely finds it way outside of China. The tea master at the gardens, Mr. Li, has particularly strict picking methods: always only picking the best dry buds as when picked wet, tea leaves can dry unevenly causing bitterness, and it is the bud that often has the sweetest flavour. The result is beautifully downy tips on the dry leaf. Known in Chinese as 'Yinfeng' this means 'silver' and 'peak', much like the shape of the leaf.

China - Hunan

Hunan is famous for its green and yellow tea production, as well as its fiery cuisine.

In south-central China, this region is wonderfully diverse - from natural lakes, to staggering mountain ranges that drain into the rivers and tributaries running through the area.

  • Cultivar
  • Oxidisation Level
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Tasting Notes

Engage Your Senses

What to
Look For

Long spindles of green buds covered in silver downy hairs.


Abundant floral aromas and a complex palate with subtle citrus undertones.

In the Cup

A light lime-green infusion.


Spring-fresh green tea, thick and sweet.

Make the Perfect Cup of Shimen Green Mountain


Measure 4g or 2tsp per cup (250ml)

Heat Water
Heat Water

Heat water to 70°C


Infuse tea for 3 minutes

3 min

You can infuse this tea up to 3 times


Shimen Green Mountain Green Tea
Average rating: 5 Stars
  • Rating: 5 stars
    by Tina
    You must try this tea!
    by Tina
    Rating: 5 stars
    You must try this tea!
    I have a few favourite teas from Jing, this one and Jasmine pearl at the top. I take care to follow the instructions and water temperature required by using a thermometer to achieve the perfect cup, made easier by the quality of the teas from Jing, it feels like a real treat for myself served in a beautiful cup and is also good for you!
  • Rating: 5 stars
    by Mark
    Delicious & divine!
    by Mark
    Rating: 5 stars
    Delicious & divine!
    This tea is wonderful and has now become my favourite. It has a clean, sweet taste similar to Sichuan Dew and Japanese Sencha but very slightly more floral. I reinfuse the leaves three times and it still has good flavour on the third cup. Thanks to Jing for offering this lovely tea!

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