We ensure our packaging delivers the best-tasting tea experience while minimizing environmental impact and protecting consumers’ health: biodegradable as ideal, recyclable as minimum.

- All our carton packaging is made from cardboard and is fully recyclable - Our metal caddies are fully recyclable. They have been specifically designed to be air-tight to avoid the need for an additional inner bag. - Our new single-serving loose tea sachets are made from a paper-plastic film. This new material has excellent barrier properties and is certified recyclable to EN1340 standard. - Tea bags and loose tea are packed in triple-layer metallized plastic film (in single tea bag envelopes or multiple serving zip-lock bags), which offers the necessary barrier properties to keep the tea fresh but is not widely recycled. As there is no existing compostable packaging, we are currently working with suppliers to find a sustainable answer to this.

- 2021 All our tea bags envelopes packaging will become recyclable by 2021. - 2023 We are working to make our remaining loose-leaf tea packaging recyclable by 2023, sourcing an innovative sustainable solution that doesn’t compromise on quality and freshness.