Umami Loose Leaf tea from Japan

  • Sencha - Loose Tea
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    6 Review(s)


    A Japanese green tea. Our loose leaf Sencha is thick, rounded and sweet as a result of expert steam-processing.

    From £14.00
  • Gyokuro - Loose Green Tea
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    8 Review(s)


    Japan’s finest green tea shaded for 30 days for an unmistakable, umami-rich character. A truly rare find.

    From £31.00
  • Loose Matcha Tea Powder

    Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade

    Our Organic Matcha Green Tea is the highest quality ceremonial grade from Kirishima in Kagoshima, Japan, expressing the characterful taste of a single cultivar ‘Okumidori’. 30g tin.

  • Genmaicha Loose Tea


    A Japanese Green tea from the fertile, volcanic soils of Shizuoka, blended with roasted and popped rice.

    From £11.00
  • Loose Matcha Latte Tea Powder

    Matcha Latte Grade

    A beautiful blend of Matcha cultivars – Yabukita / Okumidori – to complement milk, and alternative milks. 40g tin.

  • JING-Sencha-Reiwa-Loose-Green-Tea2

    Sencha Reiwa

    A supreme Japanese green tea that’s refreshingly complex and sappy with intense umami depths.

    From £44.00
  • JING_Gyokuro_Explorer_Loose_Tea_Sachets_Box

    Gyokuro Single Serve Sachet Set

    Enjoy ten recyclable, single serve loose leaf sachets of umami-rich Gyokuro tea from Asahina Valley, Shizuoka, Japan.

  • JING_Tea_Green-Tea_Baojing-Gold_Loose-Leaf

    Baojing Gold

    An exceptional single garden, spring green tea, picked pre Qingming on the 19th March 2020. Delicately crafted, it captures the purest essence of the tenderest buds and leaves with graceful umami and meadow-sweetness.

    From £44.00
  • Jade Sword Teabags

    Sencha Tea Bags

    A classic Japanese green tea in biodegradable tea bags. Expertly steamed and rolled, the vibrant, deep green leaves offer a mellow, sappy infusion with a classically vegetal, umami flavour.

    From £80.00