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Oolong Tea

Yellow Gold

Sweet, Syrupy, Soothing

Start here for a fantastic introduction to the world of oolong teas - light, sweet, smooth and easy to make.

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Yellow Gold Oolong Tea


The Origin Story

Sourced from the sub-tropical mountains of Fujian, our Yellow Gold Oolong combines the full-bodied, caramelised biscuit flavour typical of oolong teas with the grassy freshness of spring green teas. The tea is composed of hand-rolled leaf which open on infusion to give a characteristic yellow-gold infusion with lime-green hues.

China - Fujian

Fujian is home to some of the world's best oolongs, white and black teas

Anxi County in Fujian is the original home of this tea. Along with Wuyi, Anxi is a renowned centre for oolong production in Fujian, itself the home of oolong tea. The history of tea production in Fujian stretches back over 1000 years.

  • Cultivar
    Huang Jin Gui
  • Oxidisation Level
  • Picked
    Spring or Autumn

Tasting Notes

Engage Your Senses

What to
Look For

Tightly rolled curls of light and dark green tea leaf


A little tangy, but grassy and fresh with flower and fruit notes

In the Cup

Bright yellow gold tea infusion with some green hues


Smooth and biscuity sweetness oolong tea with grassy freshness and citrus notes

Make the Perfect Cup of Yellow Gold


Measure 4g or 2tsp per cup (250ml)

Heat Water
Heat Water

Heat water to 100°C


Infuse tea for 4 minutes

4 min

You can infuse your leaves up to 3 times


Yellow Gold Oolong Tea
Average rating: 4.4 Stars
  • Rating: 5 stars
    by Tina
    Golden drink
    by Tina
    Rating: 5 stars
    Golden drink
    Lovely flavour and colour.
  • Rating: 3 stars
    by Kieran
    Good intro oolong
    by Kieran
    Rating: 3 stars
    Good intro oolong
    A very drinkable oolong. Very clean, not that dissimilar to some green teas. Not as complex/ rich or as interesting a tea as my favourite oolongs, like the Pheonix Honey Orchid.
  • Rating: 4 stars
    by Will
    smooth and satisfying
    by Will
    Rating: 4 stars
    smooth and satisfying
    very nice smooth flavour. more full bodied than tie guan yin with quite a lot going on as far as flavours, yes i got rasberries as one reviewer wrote, but i think the citrus flavour was the most prominent
  • Rating: 5 stars
    by Steven
    Delicate sweet fruits and cucumber
    by Steven
    Rating: 5 stars
    Delicate sweet fruits and cucumber
    Wow! I've just received my first sample of this and I'm so impressed. The fragrance of the dried leaves was of orchids, even stronger when they first touched moisture in my freshly washed small glass jug. I did a 30 sec wash and then a first infusion of 3 minutes. My first sips of this were very rewarding. I had to close my eyes and think about the delicate flavours. I tasted water melon, raspberry and cucumber! A second infusion confirmed these tastes and was just as good. it's basically like eating summer fruits and cucumber whilst standing in an orchid house. I will certainly buy more of this.

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