Tea Flights



We are delighted to announce that our store has now reopened with new opening times.

Unfortunately, we are not taking bookings for our Tea Flights yet. However, our Tasting Bar will be open from 17 May from 12:00 - 16:00 every day if you want to taste a specific tea, and our store staff will be on hand to help.



JING Explorer Tea Flight

The perfect introduction to your journey into single garden tea with three teas of unique character that range across the different tea types. From notes of honeyed apple to enticing, multi-layered flavours of lychee, raspberry and malt, discover the flavours, origins and stories of our partnerships with the tea masters behind some of our most loved teas.

– Jasmine Silver Needle white tea from Yinpan Garden, Yunnan, China
– Ali Shan oolong tea from Chenjia Garden, Chiayi, Taiwan
– Red Dragon black tea from Ximeng Garden, Yunnan, China

1 guest | £252 guests | £503 guests | £75    4 guests | £100


JING White & Green Tea Flight

Journey to single gardens in China and Japan with three definitive examples of the most famous green and white teas. From sappy spring leaf freshness to notes of apple blossom and classic chestnut flavours, experience the purest teas that capture the essence of spring – one of the most exciting and important seasons for high quality tea.

– White Peony white tea from Shanhugang Garden, Fujian, China
– Dragon Well green tea from Wangfu Garden, Zhejiang, China
– Sencha green tea from Sasamado Garden, Shizuoka, Japan

1 guest | £252 guests | £503 guests | £754 guests | £100


JING Oolong Tea Flight

Immerse yourself in the world of one of the most varied and complex tea types with three outstanding teas, masterfully crafted from single gardens in China. From textural notes of cacao and rich dark fruit to exotic fruit flavours, each tea has an exceptional and unique profile that will give you a taste for how rich and diverse oolong tea can be.

– Iron Buddha from Dapingpu Garden, Fujian, China
– Phoenix Honey Orchid from Shuangji Garden, Guangdong, China
– Wuyi Oolong from Shan’ao Garden, Fujian, China

1 guest | £252 guests | £503 guests | £754 guests | £100


JING Flavours of Winter Tea Flight

Ranging across different the tea types, discover three authentic teas that best express the comforting qualities and warming flavours of winter. From toasty popped rice notes to creamy malt and dark chocolate richness, each tea has a unique taste and texture.

– Genmaicha green tea from Abe River Garden, Shizuoka, Japan
– Oriental Beauty oolong tea from Miss Yu’s Garden, Hsinchu, Taiwan
– Yunnan Gold black tea from Yunshan Garden, Yunnan, China

1 guest | £252 guests | £503 guests | £754 guests | £100


JING Essence Tea Flight

Capturing the essence of high quality tea, explore three of the very best examples of famous Chinese teas. Crafted in small batches from single gardens in Fujian, these teas are highly prized at origin and so celebrated locally that they rarely find their way outside of China. From the rich scents of honey, rose and malt of spring picked Wuyi Gold black tea to the characterful minerality and fruit notes of spring picked Cassia oolong tea, experience three limited edition teas with supreme clarity of flavour and aroma.

– Tie Guan Yin – Iron Buddha from Dazhai Garden, Fujian, China
– Rou Gui – Cassia from Nine Dragon Nest Garden, Fujian, China
– Jin Jun Mei – Wuyi Gold from Guanping Garden, Fujian, China

1 guest | £1002 guests | £2003 guests | £3004 guests | £400