Tea Master

Inspired by ceremony, designed for today, our Tea Master will revolutionise how you make and enjoy tea at home. Choose between the Tea Master pot on its own, a set for personal use with one cup, or a sharing set with two smaller cups.

Tea Master


Inspired by the Gaiwan – a lidded bowl and saucer set used in traditional Chinese tea ceremonies – our Tea Master is designed to bring the ancient Gong Fu tea ceremony to life in a way that anyone can enjoy. It is crafted from durable, double-walled porcelain to protect your hands and keep your tea hot, with a built-in filter and a small spout for a clean and smooth pour.

Capacity - 200ml

Our Glass - Stronger, Brighter, Clearer

  • 5 Years

    Every master who makes JING Glass has a minimum of 5 years’ experience hand-blowing and crafting glass.

  • 10 Steps

    Making each piece requires mastery of a minimum of 10 steps. At every stage, the glass is heated and shaped into our signature designs.

  • 4 Days

    Each piece of JING Glass takes four days to produce. Slow heating and cooling enables the highest degree of precision and detail.

Customer Reviews

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  1. Rating

    2 years ago

    Best of the Jing Teaware

    Of all the Jing teaware, I think this is my favourite. Closest in style to traditional chinese teaware, but still with modern elements - keeping the infusion clear of leaf. Just the right size to avoid overbrewing as you don't leave anything in the pot, and still finish drinking while warm. And pouring with this set, for one or for two, becomes half the pleasure!
  2. Rating

    5 years ago

    This is a very cleverly designed set.

    I was intrigued and skeptical about this set. When I started using this, it became obvious that this set was designed by a tea drinker. He thought about everything! It pours well and the teapot doesn\'t get hot. When I pour the tea into the large teacup, it only fills about half way up and this allows me to hold the teacup without burning my fingers. I love this set.
  3. Rating

    5 years ago

    Tea Master and tray

    The set is as nice as I hoped, and the tray causes a lot of favourable comment! I only bought the tray to complete the gift but it is so much more than that. We\'re very pleased with our Jing products, as always. Delivery is swift, which is also good.
  4. Rating

    5 years ago

    Elegant yet solid and practical

    This is wonderful teaware. The design balances clean lines with a little roundness to give it both elegance and solidity. The double wall works perfectly to keep it cool to the touch and to keep the tea warm longer, encouraging one to savour it. Another great thing about it is the size - about half way between a standard cup of tea and gong-fu set up. This means you can enjoy more cups of tea while remaining practical for quotidian use. The button on top of the lid can get a little bit hot if one is really drinking a lot of tea quickly, but again this acts as a reminder to slow down and savour!
  5. Rating

    5 years ago

    Mastering tea

    A simple and stylish way to drink loose tea. Both the pourer and cup are ergonomic and elegant by themselves. Together they look great.The temperature the tea master achieves is perfect for me. Neither the pourer or cup become too hot to hold and the tea is immediately at a very drinkable temperature.
  6. Rating

    5 years ago

    A triumph of design and practicality

    The Tea Master has truly revolutionised my tea drinking during the working day. Always a huge tea fan, I still resorted to boring tea bags during the work day as it was too much hassle to go for loose leaf at my desk. Happily, this is no longer the case as the tea master is perfect for infusing fresh tea leaves, doing numerous infusions and then pouring straight into the perfectly sized cup without any fuss or mess. I was first attracted by the clean lines and smooth shape, and like the way it fits compactly together - a triumph of both design and functionality. The Teamaster is attractively tactile, and is certainly a very elegant addition to my teaware. The spout is miraculously drip-free, and for me it's absolutely perfect for ensuring exciting and diverse infusions are at my finger tips through out the working day, and are totally mess-free. it's also easy to clean at the end of the day. Highly recommend!
  7. Rating

    5 years ago

    My preferred teaware

    I am very pleased with both how it works and how it looks. It is compact and can be carried around without having to worry about a handle snapping off or glass breaking. The spout pours cleanly. It doesn\'t overheat on the outside so you don't scald your fingers. The white ceramic brings out the colour of the tea. Mostly I just like the way it looks! I agree with the previous reviewer that a travel case would be a good idea.
  8. Rating

    5 years ago

    A great new way to make tea

    Feels lovely to hold and makes the most delicious tea. JING should develop some kind of travel case - I want go everywhere with my Tea Master!
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