Assam Tea

Assam Tea, renowned for its rich flavour and robust, malty character; makes the perfect choice for our breakfast tea. We taste thousands of loose teas before we decided upon our definitive Breakfast Blend – the perfect combination of strength, assertiveness and rich flavour that is so satisfying in the morning. 

The rich soil of Upper Assam and the tropical climate of the region means that the Camellia Sinensis Assamica bush thrives in Assam, and the region is now one of the largest producers of tea in the world. We work with the Ethical Tea Partnership to ensure we provide value to the supply chain end to end, so you can be satisfied that your tea comes directly from the source, with excellent working conditions.

We offer Assam Tea in three forms Loose Leaf, Tea Bags & Tea Caddy, order today.

    1. JING Tea Assam English Breakfast Caddy Black Tea Packaging_Resized
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      Black Tea Assam Breakfast Tea Caddy Malty, Rich, Satisfying From Assam, India
    2. Assam Breakfast Tea Bags
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      Black Tea English Breakfast Tea Bags Malty, Honey, Raisin From Assam, India
    3. JING Tea Assam Breakfast Loose Leaf Black Tea
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      Black Tea Assam Breakfast Tea Malty, Honey, Raisin From Assam, India