Explore our complete range of single origin and single garden teas, selected from Asia’s best tea regions. Picked at just the right time and expertly crafted, they embody the unique essence of their origin and the skill of their tea maker.

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  1. From Ruhuna, Sri Lanka
  2. From Ruhuna/Dimbula, Sri Lanka
  3. From Shizuoka, Japan
  4. From Tai'Chung, Taiwan
  5. From Fujian, China
  6. From Guangdong, China
  7. From Hunan, China
  8. From Yunnan, China
  9. From Zhejiang, China
  10. From Assam, India
  11. From Darjeeling, India
  12. From Chenjia Garden, Ali Shan, Taiwan
  13. From Mancotta Garden, Assam, India
  14. From Ruhuna/Dimbula, Sri Lanka
  15. From Asahina Valley, Shizuoka, Japan
  16. From Dazhai Garden, Fujian, China
  17. From Shuangji Garden, Guangdong, China
  18. From Yong'an Garden, Hangzhou, China
  19. From Baotian Garden, Hunan, China
  20. From Ludong Garden, Hunan, China
  21. From Huangcun Garden, Fujian, China
  22. From Jiazhu Garden, Sichuan, China
  23. From Ximeng Garden, Yunnan, China
  24. From Yunshan, Yunnan, China
  25. From Yinpan Garden, Yunnan, China
  26. From Ishiyama's Garden, Shizuoka, Japan
  27. From Sasamodo Garden, Shizuoka, Japan
  28. From Assam, India
  29. From Margaret's Hope, Darjeeling, India
  30. From Iran
  31. From Cederberg, South Africa
  32. From Slavonia, Croatia
  33. From Bavaria, Germany
  34. From Dahei Garden, Yunnan, China
  35. From Assam, India (blend)
  36. From Zhenyuan County, Yunnan, China
  37. From Yamaguchi, Ijichi & Kumada Gardens in Kagoshima, Japan
  38. From Da Hei Garden, Yunnan, China
  39. From 72K Garden, Taichung, Taiwan
  40. From Kirishima Chuou Garden, Kagoshima, Japan
  41. From Nayun Garden, Yunnan, China
  42. From Luocun Garden, Zhejiang, China
  43. From Podravina, Slavonia, Croatia
  44. From Dixu Garden, Yunnan, China
  45. From Okayti & Pussimbing Gardens, Darjeeling, India
  46. From Huangliyang Garden, Zhejiang, China
  47. From Wulong Garden, Anhui, China
  48. From Gaoyuan Garden, Guangdong, China
  49. From Yunxia Garden, Taoyuan, Taiwan
  50. From Tonganagaon Garden, Assam, India
  51. From Marusen Isagawa Cooperative, Shizuoka, Japan
  52. From Jiulongke Garden, Fujian, China
  1. 232
    Organic Yunnan White Peony Loose Leaf Tea 232
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    White Tea Organic Yunnan White Peony Uplifting, Sweet, Rounded From Nayun Garden, Yunnan, China
  2. Ceylon_Breakfast_Tea_Bags
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    Black Tea Ceylon Breakfast Tea Bags Malty, Black Pepper, Citrus Peel From Ruhuna/Dimbula, Sri Lanka
  3. Biodegradable Chamomile Tea Bag
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    Herbal Tea Chamomile Tea Bags Hay, Honey, Apple From Slavonia, Croatia
  4. Peppermint Tea Loose tea
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    Herbal Tea Peppermint Tea Leaf Intense, Cool, Refreshing From Bavaria, Germany
  5. 232
    JING Tea Whole Rosebuds Loose Leaf Organic Herbal Tea 232
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    Herbal Tea Organic Whole Rosebuds Rose, Fresh Meadow, Bay Leaf From Iran
  6. JING Tea Sencha Caddy Green Tea Packaging_Resized
    100% of 100
    5 out of 5
    Green Tea Sencha Tea Caddy Verdant, Smooth, Satisfying From Shizuoka, Japan
    Out of stock
  7. JING Tea Assam English Breakfast Caddy Black Tea Packaging_Resized
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    Black Tea Assam Breakfast Tea Caddy Malty, Honey, Raisin From Assam, India
  8. JING Tea Jasmine Pearls Caddy Green Tea Packaging_Resized
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    Green Tea Jasmine Pearls Tea Caddy Jasmine, Grass, Sap From Yunnan, China
  9. 352
    Chai Tea Caddy - JING Tea 352
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    Black Tea Chai Tea Caddy Aromatic, Malty, Warming From Assam, India
    Out of stock
  10. JING Tea Earl Grey Caddy Black Tea Packaging_Resized
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    Black Tea Earl Grey Tea Caddy Bergamot, Wild Honey, Malty From Ruhuna, Sri Lanka
  11. JING Tea Sichuan Dew Loose Leaf Green Tea
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    Green Tea Sichuan Dew Fresh, Sappy, Vegetal From Jiazhu Garden, Sichuan, China
  12. JING Tea Sencha Loose Leaf Green Tea
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    Green Tea Sencha Spinach, Cut Grass, Umami From Sasamodo Garden, Shizuoka, Japan
  13. Green Apple & Hibiscus Loose Tea
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    Herbal Tea Apple & Hibiscus Bright, Crisp, Refreshing
  14. JING Tea Blackcurrant and Hibicus Loose Leaf Herbal Tea
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    Herbal Tea Blackcurrant & Hibiscus Blackcurrant, Hibiscus, Elderberry
  15. Black Tea Selection Box
    96% of 100
    4.8 out of 5
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  16. Blackcurrant & Hibiscus Tea Bag
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    Herbal Tea Blackcurrant & Hibiscus Tea Bags Blackcurrant, Hibiscus, Elderberry
  17. JING Tea Lemongrass and Ginger Loose Leaf Herbal Tea
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    Herbal Tea Lemongrass & Ginger Citrus, Ginger, Cut Grass
  18. Earl Grey Tea Bag
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    Black Tea Earl Grey Tea Bags Bergamot, Wild Honey, Malty From Ruhuna, Sri Lanka
  19. JING Tea Rooibos Loose Leaf Herbal Tea
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    Herbal Tea Rooibos Honey, Seville Orange, Vanilla From Cederberg, South Africa
  20. JING Tea Iron Buddha Caddy Oolong Tea Packaging_Resized
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    Oolong Tea Iron Buddha (Tieguanyin) Tea Caddy Floral, Creamy, Refreshing From Fujian, China
  21. 232
    JING Tea Organic Jade Sword Caddy Green Tea Packaging_Resized 232
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    Green Tea Organic Jade Sword™ Green Tea, Tea Caddy Floral, Edamame, Cut Grass From Hunan, China
  22. JING Tea Jasmine Silver Needle Caddy White Tea Packaging_Resized
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    White Tea Jasmine Silver Needle Tea Caddy Jasmine, Honeydew, Vanilla From Yunnan, China
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JING Six Types of Tea

How many types of tea are there? It’s a question we get a lot and the answer is simple. There are six main ways to process tea and these methods create the six types: Green, Yellow, White, Oolong, Black and Puerh tea. But even within these different tea types there can be many nuances of flavour, aroma and texture, creating a fantastic array of tastes to explore. Discover the delicate sweetness of white teas, the fruit and floral complexity of oolongs and even the rich and earthy taste of puerh. Check out our Journal to learn more about the six types of taste.

Discover the Perfect Tea for you

Our complete range of single origin teas offer a simple pleasure of something delicious. Rich in the distinctive flavours of the place where they have been grown and the people who have crafted them. From bright and refreshing green teas to rich and robust black teas, there are worlds of flavour waiting to be explored within the six types of tea, all of which are easy and enjoyable for you to make at home. If you need some help choosing then try our Tea Finder to discover a new tea that you'll love.