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    Beijgang Maojian 50g - Yellow Tea - Loose Leaf - JING Tea 352
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    Yellow Tea Beigang Maojian Candied Lemon, Barley sugar. From Huarong Garden, Huarong County, Yueyang City, Hunan, China
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    Jun Shan Silver Needle - 50g - Yellow Tea - Loose Leaf Tea - JING Tea 352
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    Yellow Tea Jun Shan Silver Needle Barley Sugar, Herbs, Sweetcorn From Tianjingshan Garden, Junshan District, Yueyang City, Hunan, China

What Is Yellow Tea?

The yellow tea type is a rare category that is often likened to a mellow version of green tea. It is made in the same way as green tea, except that after the firing, the leaves are kept warm for a long time. This gentle 'keep-warm' or ‘yellowing’ stage often involves wrapping the leaves in thick paper and subjecting them to a charcoal bake. This process removes some of the vegetal flavours and helps the leaves to develop their prized mellower, slightly riper flavours. If you want to learn even more about yellow teas and other tea types, then visit our journal to explore our origin deep dives and more.

Order Quality Yellow Tea Online

Order online with ease from our range of yellow teas, sourced directly from tea gardens on the shores of Dong Ting Lake, in Hunan China. This tea type has been produced for centuries, using knowledge handed down through generations. Mr Wang Yueshi has spent a lifetime honing his technique in this traditional yellow tea terroir to create the two teas available here.