Types of Tea


An Amazing Spectrum of Taste

All tea is produced from the same species of plant, Camellia Sinensis. The method of production for each tea determines which of the types below it becomes. Certain types of the tea plant are best suited to producing different types of tea. With a good climate, rich soil, and good weather conditions, a tea master can coax an amazing array of flavours from the tea leaves with skilful production. Herbal infusions, often known as herbal teas are produced using flowers and fruits rather than tea leaves.

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The Six Main Tea Types

White Tea

Sweet and Mellow

White teas are produced predominantly in southern China. Their simple processing preserves the natural sweetness of the leaf.

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Green Tea

The Essence of Spring

Green teas are unoxidised and should taste vibrant, grassy and refreshing. The best green teas are produced in China and Japan.

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Yellow Tea

Smooth and Rounded

Yellow teas are unique to China, produced in limited quantities in a handful of regions. Their production method gives a unique flavour.

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Oolong Tea

Rich and Complex

The best oolongs are produced in China and Taiwan where the climate, soil and local expertise are sufficient to produce this complex tea type.

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Black Tea

Bold and Strong

The most common, but the most misunderstood tea type. China, Taiwan, India and Sri Lanka all produce exceptional black teas.

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Puerh Tea

Aged and Mature

Only teas produced and aged in Yunnan, China, can be called puerh tea. A fascinating tea type with a completely unique character and flavour.

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Sub Types

Scented Tea

Bold and Fragrant

Great scented teas combine a quality base tea with a complementary scent or flavour to create a tea that is more than the sum of its parts.

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Flowering Tea

Sweet and Floral

Flowering teas should be a treat for the eyes and the tastebuds, combining fresh green tea with deeply fragrant flower petals.

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Herbal Tea

Fragrant and Refreshing

Herbal teas (infusions) are composed of fruits, flowers or herbs, simply picked and dried. The quality of ingredients is crucial.

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Matcha Tea

Smooth & Reviving

Matcha is the tea of the Japanese tea ceremony. It’s shaded before picking, then ground into a fine powder and whisked to a creamy froth.

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