About Flowering Tea

A Treat for All the Senses

When produced by skilled masters, flowering teas can be both refreshing and delicious as well as a truly stunning sight. When high quality tea, and fresh whole flowers are handled with care, taste does not need to be compromised for theatre. All of our Flowering teas are made with spring green tea buds and beautiful aromatic flowers that imbue the infusion with the delicate floral scent of Jasmine, Amaranth or Osmanthus. Our flowering teas are all individually hand-tied in the traditional way.

Cup of Flowering Osmanthus Tea Infusion

The Taste of True Flowering Tea

A refreshing floral green tea base is lifted by a carefully chosen combination of flowers.  Our Flowering Osmanthus is sweet and soothing green tea hand tied around sweet-tasting osmanthus blossoms and orange lily petals.  The result is a hypnotic display of colour, with a heavenly sweet taste.

Explore our full range of Flowering teas to discover the breadth of flavours.

Flowering Osmanthus Loose Tea

How Flowering Tea is Made

The Key: Hand Tying

The base tea is processed as a green tea keeping the whole leaf intact. The chosen flowers are carefully dried as per Herbal teas. Once the components are ready the tea leaves are moistened to become flexible then bundled up with flowers and tied by hand. Once finished the tea is dried again and ready to pack.

  • 01_Picking


    Pickers carefully and quickly select suitable leaves from the tea bush.

  • 02_Withering


    The leaves are laid out in ambient conditions to allow them to wilt and lose moisture.

  • 03_Fixation


    The leaves are heated to de-activate the enzymes that would otherwise cause the leaf to oxidise.

  • 04_Shaping


    To create the unique shape needed to create flowering teas.

  • 05_Drying


    To reduce the moisture content of the leaves to 5% for storage.

  • 15_Hand_Tying


    The green tea leaves are hand-tied around flower petals.

  • 05_Drying


    To reduce the moisture absorbed into the leaves from the flower petals.

Flowering Tea Making Tips

Key Making Tips

To ensure that your flowering tea blossoms on infusion, it’s important to use boiling water. This helps the leaves to unfurl and release the blossoms tied within. Due to the quality of the tea and flowers we use in our Flowering teas, each can be infused at least twice. Drink in the same way the Chinese do when adding leaves direct to the cup: once cool, drink top half then top up again with hot water, as the bottom half is likely to be too strong.

Our Favourite Flowering Teas


Flowering Osmanthus

A beautiful burst of orange lily and sweet osmanthus blossom

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Flowering Dragon Eye

A spectacular blossom of jasmine, amaranth and marigold flowers

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Flowering Jasmine & Lily

Green tea tied around flame orange lily petals and jasmine flowers

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Flowering Jasmine Arch

Hand-tied green tea around a spectacular arch of pure jasmine blossoms

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