Herbal Tea

Whilst tea is a single plant with a unique history, herbal teas promise the rich variety of the entire plant kingdom – from herbs, to fruit, flowers and spices – and draw from cultures and traditions far and wide. With the same care and attention we devote to tea, we select ingredients that are bursting with natural, vibrant flavour, without the need to add anything else. Picked and slowly dried in ambient conditions, the integrity remains: beautiful colour, essentials oils, aroma and the true taste quality of real herbal tea.


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Our Bestselling Herbal Teas

Chamomile Tea

Composed only of the brightest, whole flowers for a clean and fresh, caffeine-free infusion with clear chamomile taste.

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Blackcurrant & Hibiscus herbal tea infusion and leaf

Blackcurrant & Hibiscus

An amazingly bold, bright and naturally flavoursome herbal infusion with whole, dried blackcurrants, berries and cracked hibiscus shells.

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Peppermint Tea Herbal tea loose leaf and infusion

Peppermint Tea

A high quality peppermint picked whole and slowly dried to retain essential oils, rendering an intensely refreshing, smooth and invigorating infusion with a long finish.

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