About Herbal Teas

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Whilst tea is a single plant with a unique history, herbal teas promise the rich variety of the entire plant kingdom and draw from cultures and traditions far and wide. From classics such as Whole Peppermint Leaf and Whole Chamomile Flowers to the subtle fragrances of Whole Rosebuds, with the same care and attention we devote to tea, we select only those herbs, flowers and fruits that are bursting with vibrant flavour.


The Taste of True Herbal Teas

Naturally caffeine free and bursting with flavour herbal teas should be vibrant, clear and defined.  Whether it’s carefully drying  whole chamomile flowers, whole rose buds or lengths of real lemongrass – the taste of the tea should be fresh, uplifting and aromatic.


How Herbal Teas are Made

The Key: Nothing Artificial

To preserve the taste of the flower, herb or fruit we always follow an ethos of minimal intervention and processing.  Nothing artificial, no unnecessary blending – just clear, refreshing flavours in an uplifting taste of nature.

The selected flowers, herbs & fruits are simply picked and dried, retaining all their natural character and goodness.




Pickers carefully and quickly select suitable flowers, fruits & herbs



To reduce the moisture content for storage.


Herbal Tea Making Tips

Key Making Tips

To extract the full flavour out of your herbal teas use 95°C+ water. Many herbals teas can be re-infused at least twice, but be sure to fully decant each infusion to avoid over-infusing. Read our carefully designed recipes on each product page.

Our Favourite Herbal Teas


Whole Rosebuds

Experience the soothing softness and charm of whole rosebuds

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Peppermint Leaf

Striking and strong, intensely minty pure peppermint leaf

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Chamomile Flowers

Elegant, floral and deeply soothing whole chamomile flowers

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Blackcurrant and Hibiscus - Loose Herbal Tea

Blackcurrant & Hibiscus

Whole blackcurrants, berries and cracked hibiscus shells

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