About Scented Tea

More than the Sum of their Parts

Tea leaves alone can develop an enormous range of flavours by virtue of different processing methods available. Nevertheless, use of other ingredients to add flavour is a longstanding practice in tea traditions. Whilst tea of almost any weird and whacky flavour can be achieved by adding chemically derived liquid flavourings, at JING our range of flavoured teas is inspired by traditional uses of tea flavoured directly with flowers, herbs, spices and fruit. Taking the same meticulous approach to sourcing each ingredient as we do with our teas, our flavoured teas range from whole rose bud infused Ceylon & Rose, a traditional Indian spiced Chai to outstanding examples of China’s best jasmine scented green and white teas; Jasmine Pearls and Jasmine Silver Needle.

Cup of Jasmine Silver Needle Infusion

Tea and Aromatics in Perfect Balance

At JING we don’t use flavourings or flavour ingredients to mask low quality tea. We aim to balance flavour and texture of the tea with the flavours added by other ingredients. For example, rounded citrus flavours of Earl Grey dominate the palate and are complemented by our choice of a rich-textured Ceylon tea base. Other examples of this tea are thin and watery with a sharp citrus note. Similarly, our blend of four spices in Chai is carefully proportioned so each element shines through and is supported in flavour and texture by the Ceylon black tea.

Jasmine Silver Needle Loose Tea

How Scented Tea is Made

 Jasmine Tea: The Authentic Way

Our jasmine teas are all made in the traditional way. The tea is grown in spring and stored until jasmine flowers bloom in summer. The flowers are harvested as unopened buds and laid on top of the tea in the early evening. Overnight the flowers open and impart their scent to the tea. This process is repeated, with fresh flowers, up to 5 or 6 times for top grades.

This is how our green tea based Jasmine Pearls are made:

  • 01_Picking


    Pickers carefully and quickly select suitable leaves from the tea bush.

  • 02_Withering


    The leaves are laid out in ambient conditions to allow them to wilt and lose moisture.

  • 03_Fixation


    The leaves are heated to de-activate the enzymes that would otherwise cause the leaf to oxidise.

  • 04_Shaping


    To create the unique style of each tea, such as rolled Jasmine Pearls.

  • 05_Drying


    To reduce the moisture content of the leaves to 5% for storage.

  • 14_Scenting


    The tea is laid down to be scented with fresh flowers overnight.

  • 05_Drying


    The tea is fired to remove moisture before another round of scenting. The final 2 steps are repeated 5 times.

Scented Tea Making Tips

Key Making Tips

Scented teas should be made as per their base tea. E.g. scented green and white teas should be made with 80ºC water, and black teas with 95ºc+ to extract the fullest flavour. Read our carefully designed recipes on each product page.

Our Favourite Scented Teas


Earl Grey

A perfectly focused classic – rich Ceylon tea scented with zesty bergamot

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Jasmine Pearls

Sweet green tea pearls scented with only fresh jasmine flowers

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Ceylon & Rose

Calming, sweet whole rose over a smooth Ceylon base

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Our bracing blend of pure Ceylon and sweet, warming spice

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